Saturday, June 7, 2008

Our Lil Chubby Bunny

Well, we went back in for our weight check on Thursday and our "little" guy weighs 8 lbs 7 oz! Yea!! He is gaining like a champ! :)

The Burkharts came to visit Alex!

Alex loves to be outside. Its our "trick" for getting him to settle down and stop wailing. The minute you step through the door, he is silent, still, and listening! He will even fall asleep! We love it!

I wanted to post a quick "success" story since so many of you liked the Target horror story (haha). I did go to HEB with Alex after the doc on Thursday and he made it through the whole trip without waking up! YEA! He only started crying a little at the checkout and then went back to sleep. Success! :)


Anonymous said...

Funny how babies love outside. Kate was the same way! I loved your Target story as well. I seem to remember many many Target trips gone bad! hehe...they will get better :)


Beezer Mom said...

Ahhh yes. I remember those days - the adventures out only to have a baby "screaming". I hate to tell you this, but the crying is nothing now. Wait until he really knows how to work those lungs!! :) BTW, the cry of a newborn while I'm out shopping brings a smile to my face so don't be too paranoid.

Anna McCool Ballay said...


Your baby boy is so beautiful! Congratulations! What a cute little family!