Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I month old!

I decided to try to do a little photo shoot for Alex's 1 month documentation (which is 4 weeks yesterday and 1 month on Friday, if that makes sense, so what do ya use?!).

Well, I think he is just as cute as a button but he didn't really cooperate too well. It always makes me laugh.

Things have been good. I would like to quote from a fellow blogger that I admire- I tend to sport the " sweet perfume of sour milk" on my shirt these days. Mmmm....lovely. I feel like Alex and I change clothes so many times in one day you would think it was a beauty pageant.

I just started walking in the mornings...not by choice. Alex has been up early and wide awake. He forces me outta bed and outside! It is the only time we could really go since it is so gosh darn hot all day! It IS really good for me to get the exercise but I would much rather stay in bed and take one more nap time! :)

I just love to look at him. He is starting to smile more and even when he is awake. I love to watch him sleep like an angel. I love when he is done eating and has milk on his lips. I love his beautiful eyes (that I am determined will be blue! they are a greyish blue right now)! I love that his favorite place is on our chests, cuddled up under our chins. I love to kiss his soft cheeks and see him kinda blink in awe, like "What are you doing to me!?" I love our lil Alexander.


Rob and Leah said...

Those are such great pictures. He is adorable. I cannot believe he rolled over already! He is REALLY strong!!!

Carla said...

What sweet pictures! You do have a strong boy on your hands!

shalonda said...

awwww you did so good hun!!!! he is way too cute for words C!