Tuesday, April 21, 2009

11 Months

Wow! is it time for a monthly update already!?! Where does the time go!? Only one more month till the big 1!
Right now Alex is loving some life! Since his ears cleared up he has been so much happier! He loves to play chase (although he doesn't really know what to do when I catch him or when he catches me), play peek-a-boo around corners (he waits with a big grin and then laughs so hard when he or you pops around), read books (really just flips the pages, but there is nothing sweeter), throw balls and chase them, WALK around! he is doing really good with this one! I can't believe how fast he has progressed! He loves to just walk around the house, under the table, and try to squeeze into places WAY to small. He keeps me busy thats fo-sho! (video soon!)
He loves to clap too! Just figured out how to open both hands and loves the sound!
He loves to be naked- and gets crazy silly when he is! Its too funny!!
He is not "talking" nesseccarily but he is good at this whining thing he does-scrunches his nose and sticks out his chin, oh yeah. He wants to talk! I am going to really step up the signing this month to see if anything will catch on.
He is eating a ton now too (well, for Alex its a ton). Still loves the baby food mainly (and is eating more and more at one sitting) but will eat strawberries, grapes, chicken nugget, green beans, refried beans, avacado, sweet potato fries, banana cookies, nibbles (baby rice cakes), and of course cheerios- he might just turn into a cheerio! They have become my best friend though- the only way to go shopping with him or keep him quite and sitting still. We are working on adding new foods all the time but it is hard with the no-milk requirement. EVERYTHING has milk in it!
We are struggling with nap schedule right now. I think he is transitioning from the 2 naps a day to one, but he is not very good at it! We will figure it out, but right now every day is a different schedule.

I think that Alex really hates these photo shoots. He whines a lot. ha! This time we had to have a heart-to-heart with him and Mr. Bear to get through it. I still think I will make him take a picture with the bear until he turns 21.
poor guy.

You should see us trying to make him smile...he is thinking "what. a bunch. of crazies!"

Alex, you are still my sweet little baby boy. Your smile brightens my day and your little hugs warm my heart. Happy 11 months!


Solomon Clan said...

Happy 11 months, Alex. We can't wait to celebrate your one year!

Jaymee said...

WOW! Can't believe he'll be a year really soon!!! He is such a cutie!!! So, glad the ears cleared up, what a great Easter miracle!!!!

Kristen said...

Wow!! He'll be one before you know it!

Chelsea B. said...

Love the bear w/ baby idea each month! Maybe I'll have to steal the idea from you one day (far from now) :) LOVE the "naked" pic too, way too cute! Hope team Isaacson is doing well, we are on the countdown to graduation, yah!!