Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Change of Plans

After some thinking, sleeping on it, and talking with my pediatrician this morning, we have decided to cancel the ear surgery. I just don't want to rush it and my pediatrician agreed. I feel so good about this decision and have a peace about it. It may be in our future down the road, but I just don't think its necessary yet. If I am going to put him under anesthesia, it better be necessary! you know! Thank you so much for all the support during this time!


Kristen said...

We will hope for the best...clear ears!!

Solomon Clan said...

Mom knows best and there is never a need to rush into something. We will also be hoping for clear ears!!

Jenny said...

Oh Cassie, I am so happy you found a peace about this! We will be praying for happy ears as well!