Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What a week!

It all started with Bunco on Wednesday night. It was pajama night- so fun! and check out Cameron's...yes, she is the one in the lingerie apron! Awesome! Well, Jenny was suppose to come sub for us but she ended up calling on her way there saying she was having contractions! She turned around and went home to actually go into full labor that night! So funny because my sister and I were actually trying to convince her to come to bunco! So silly!!

Anyway, Congratulations Burkharts!! Rebekah May Burkhart is here! (More of their story and pics on their blog) No more waiting! And she is beautiful! I was so excited to go visit them in the hospital on Thursday! and everyone was doing so well! running on excitement for sure! Can't wait to get back over there!!

We went to the doctor on Friday morning for an ear check. It did not go so well. The ears were still not cleared up. So, Alex got an antibiotic shot to help get through the weekend. And we scheduled an appointment with the ENT for today. The visit was rough just purely because that is already difficult but the waiting seemed extra long and then you have to wait after the shot for 20 minutes to see if he reacts. Are you kidding me?! And the shot is painful for baby- slow and painful. Nice.

Then we packed up that day and headed for The Woodlands. Alex did okay in the car- I was actually quite proud. He only slept 45 minutes, but hey, we'll take it! I was actually glad that he woke up too bc we wanted to take pictures in the bluebonnets in Brenham. It was perfect timing! And the field we found was gorgeous!

We took pictures Sat. morning (ie. previuos post). Were worn out that afternoon and everyone took a nap! That night we went to one of our favorite spots- Lupe Tortillas....mmmmm! The best! Even Alex was a fan!

Sunday night the boys went to the Rockets game. They had awesome seats and had a great time! The girls stayed home, ate pizza, stuffed invites for Leah's wedding (so fun!), and discussed other wedding details (while playing with the most handsome lil guy). I can't believe she's getting married in almost a month!

We came home yesterday and Alex did pretty well considering he was awake the whole time. It is just such a long trip, we were all so glad to be home!

This morning I took Alex to the ENT doc. Good news and bad news. The good news is that his infection has actually cleared up. Thanks for all the prayers!! :) Bad news is that there is still a lot of fluid and most likely it will flare up again. So, as expected, we are scheduling for ear tube surgery next Tuesday. I know it will be the best thing for him. I have been sitting on this for the past week, getting used to the idea, so I am dealing ok with it. I just hear too many moms that said it was so great for their babies.

So that's the update! Whew! We are ready for some down time this Easter weekend!


Carla said...

Poor Alex and Mommy! Isabella got those same shots, and I totally know what you mean. They were long and painful for all. You will be so glad once Tuesday has come and gone, and Alex will feel sooooo much better :) We'll be thinking about you guys. Oh, and I love ALL the new pics. Alex is quite the model!

Rob and Leah said...

I can't believe the surgery will be so soon. I hope it will give him (and you) some relief.
The Brenham bluebonnets are gorgeous. I wish they looked like that here!
The pictures are amazing...I love them. What a cute outfit, too!

Kristen said...

man, i'm seriously considering driving out to brenham now!! those pictures are beautiful.
hope the surgery will help the little guy feel much better!

rebekah l. louis said...

what amazing bluebonnet photos!!!!
so sorry he has to have surgery- hope he feels better soon!

Beezer Mom said...

What an awesome spot!!! Great photos! :)