Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Park it up!

So, since my car was in the shop last week, for 3 days! , Alex and I had a few trips to the park. I decided to try and capture the fun! He loves it there and since learning to walk, is really starting to actually play and explore!

A good driver!

The tunnel is Oh so fun!


Rake the rocks! Oh yeah!

Time for a sippy cup break! All that playing makes you thirsty!

and I'm off!! Mr. Independent.
Swinging like a monkey!
I knew you were around the corner Mom!
Oops! It happens sometimes!
(I can't believe I took a picture- I mean, look at that face! Poor thang!!)

Climbing up the slide and riding down on his belly- no fear! Don't worry, he doesn't get to far up!

Fun times with my lil buddy!!


Kristen said...

i love the one where he is peeking around the corner! so cute!

Sarah and Eric said...

Great shots Cassie! The last one is too cute!

shalonda said...

great fun cassie and i love that you took that picture, lol

Kristen said...

Ugh! Can he get any cuter? Looks like yall had fun at the park! Walks to the park are pretty much the only getting out that Ava and I are doing these days. Wish you were here so we could go together!

Kristen said...

These pictures are soooo cute! He's getting to be a little boy.