Sunday, September 20, 2009

10 Year Reunion Weekend

Here is a small group at dinner...we all opted not to pay the big bucks to go to the real deal. It was fun to see a few old friends though. I was horrible about taking pics and this was it for the night. Oops. :)

The park on Sat. Afternoon...

Some of my girls with their kiddos... yes, mine has his finger up his nose. classic.

love this little 'un...Bekah is totally cool with sleeping like this!
Alex made a new friend with Christy's daughter, Kara. Maybe it is love and they can say they met at their mothers reunion!??
Izzie, Riley, Ben, Alex, Kara
On Sunday we went to visit the Reynolds' newest addition...Ray! He is just too precious for words and was a trooper dealing with Alex the Monster! ha!!

This was our goodbye trip to my parents house. I was very sad to leave and cried a few tears as we drove off and Travis said to say goodbye. I grew up in this house and it will forever hold precious memories for me. My parents are cheering here- Yea for Round Rock!


Kristen said...

so excited for you that your parents are moving to town! i don't know what we would do if my parents didn't live here.

Kristen said...

I love all the pictures of the kids! How fun to get to spend time with old friends.

Brandy said...

what a great weekend!

Jenny said...

it was great to see you! as always, it wasn't long enough! : ) i know you are sad, but i know it will be wonderful to have the grandparents in town!