Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Face of A Criminal

The other day Alex got my keys when I was on the phone. Trying not to cause a scene, I let him keep them (while I kept an eye on him). Well, we all make mistakes right?! I have a remote on my key chain to set off the house alarm in case of an emergency. You can guess what happened...he set it off! He immediately started wailing in fear and I had to get off the phone because I couldn't even hear anymore. I turned off the alarm and got back to the norm of things and tried to forget about the minor drama. Well, as I am talking to Travis on the phone a few minutes later, the doorbell rang. Oh my, its the police. Yep. I just forgot that they would be notified and my alarm company didnt call us to check (gonna have to look into that one later!). First off, I am terrified of police men. I dont know why, but I have always been afraid to talk to them. Maybe I think that they will always think I am guilty, when I am not (of course). Well, I throw the little guy under the bus and tell the officer that he did it- I swear sir, he pushed the button on my key chain. He looked slightly amused. Alex starts crying in fear of the man coming into our house- cant blame him. He asks for my drivers license and asks about my husbands name. Turns out he was double checking because the man that lived here before us (yes, like 3 years ago!) is "wanted" - dont worry, I didnt ask questions because I didnt want to look interested. But this is not the first time we have had to deal with this mans issues. I hate it because I have to say "I do not know that man." I am sure anyone would say that whether they know him or not, but I really dont know him! ugh.
The officer was nice and totally understood.

He had to ask before he left though...
"Did you really buy your son cymbals?!" I look down and Alex had been holding his cymbals the whole time. Haha...."no, they came from my mother-in-law, but he does love them!"
"Thats what I thought. No mother in her right mind would buy her child cymbals." (great.)

And then a few days later Alex got his first mail from the City of Round Rock Police. Just a warning this time! : )

Now, I ask you....is this the face of a criminal!?

This "coloring" lasted all of 10 seconds. I had to try!
And, I just had to show you what he looks like when he bangs his cymbals.


Kristen said...

haha, what a face and what a story! i guess it is good to get all your run-ins with the law over and out of your system before kindergarten, right?

Kristen said...

hahahha. good work alex! your first run in with the cops! glad you were armed and ready with your cymbals. that picture of him is too cute by the way! i mean he looks like a little boy, no baby there. :( Miss you friend!

rebekah l. louis said...

getting so big and old looking!!

Brandy said...

That's too funny. What a great story for him one day.

Kristen said...

This will be a great story he can tell all his friends when they are comparing run-ins with the cops!! I LOVE the picture of him with the symbols!

Carla said...