Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Its all happening at the zoo...

This weekend we went to the San Antonio Zoo. It was so much fun and Alex was very interested in the animals! Well, the ones that were big and moving. :)

First stop, the flamingos....wouldn't be right if I didn't say it...
"why do flamingos stand on one leg?...
cause if they picked up the other one, they'd fall down!" (hardy har har)~ joke made famous by Wes Skeeters

Alex really liked them. Wouldn't even turn for the picture!

Not quite sure of that big bear
woo hoo! ride em cowboy!
the one month old baby monkey! soo cute! hand in hand

if I just squeeze a little harder, I might get through

yes, I made it in a picture...but of course, Alex did not want to cooperate. no love for mama.
my new fave
come on mom, the heat is killing me
A Lion says "ROAR" (I swear he was doing it too!)

my little turtle

This was hysterical. We were quickly approaching our time limit when we came upon this sorry excuse for a play area...looked more like a dumping ground to me. It was soo hot by this point too. Alex could care less! He LOVED it!! and didn't want to leave ...

even started dancing!! totally unprompted, raw excitement, dancing!
I must close with the petting zoo (even though this isn't chronological)... no Alex the food is not for you!

Good job! Feeding the goat by himself!! I was shocked!
This one shows the black goat that was watching the whole thing and not happy about it at all! Then Alex decided to be a "tempter" and take the food and try to walk away. He learned...
the goat will bite your butt! I thought it was hysterical. Alex, not so much!

The rest of the weekend update to come! It was my 10 year high school reunion and the last time to visit Nani and Papa Wes's house! :(


Kristen said...

what a fun zoo trip! i've got to say you are brave for going in august. love the pictures, you got some great shots!

Kristen said...

How fun!! I've heard the San Antonio zoo is pretty good. We really want to take Kenzie but are waiting for it to cool down. I love the goat story!!!

Brandy said...

what a super fun day!

Jenny said...

oh that alex, such a fun guy! i love to see the world through his eyes!

shalonda said...

yea for the zoo!!! looks liek yall had alot of fun!