Saturday, October 17, 2009

Shelbi's Wedding

Last weekend we headed North to Travis's cousin Shelbi's wedding. Too bad the cold snap came in too! It was freezing!! and it was an outdoor wedding!! I know poor Shelbi was not planning on this! :( We had to stop on the way and get Alex a coat because I hadn't bought him one yet (I mean, its been so hot still!) and I didn't realize the weather till late! No worries, it all worked out! The wedding was beautiful! and the reception tent was actually quite warm with the heat lamps. Thank goodness! We all had a great time!!

Alex wanted to make sure we didn't forget to pack him too! (He sat there on his own)

Shelbi was a beautiful bride! Loved the blusher!! Not everyone can pull that off but I thought it was perfectly precious on her! and you better believe she was freezing but never showed it!
The tent did not feel like a tent! It was Fall fantastic! Yet again, Alex loved the band! He was so intrigued by the instruments and lights! He danced the night away!!

The Isaacson Crew
some of the cousins...we'll say "the cool ones!" (haha just kidding!)
breakfast the morning after with Alex's fav 2nd cousins, Lauren and Katie! they have become quite the entertainers! and are so sweet to Alex!

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Kristen said...

Weddings are always fun! I love the way the tent was decorated...beautiful!