Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

We did our 2nd annual family trip to the pumpkin patch last weekend! Fun times were had by all and the weather was beautiful!!

Alex found a pumpkin right away that he liked!

The worker suggested one a little more his size! He liked that idea! thank goodness :)
He really liked the hay best I think!

Daddy did a little wagon ride (who needs a fancy hayride!)

I love my little pumpkin!


Kristen said...

These pictures are great!! Alex looks adorable in his overalls :)

Solomon Clan said...

I love the overalls too! Super adorable as always!! Oh and Emma's favorite thing is the hay too.

Jenny said...

wow, that first picture of alex and his daddy is beautiful! you take the best pictures cassie!and i love those overalls, did you add that little "splash" of orange? : )

Brandy said...

love the pictures! We might have to go there and get some pumpkiny pictures too!