Thursday, April 8, 2010

Choo Choo and Petting Zoo

Here is a little catch up post...

Henrik turned 2 and had a fun Choo Choo party! We got to ride the train at Williamson County Park (very cute and a fun outing, fyi).

had to have a train snack
The kids really just enjoyed running around the empty playing fields too. It was a good thing Travis was there cause this mama ain't running anywhere.

Henrik is such a cutie! Happy Birthday Bud!!

Ready to ride
diggin' in

After the party we went to the neighborhood Easter party at the park. We were too late for the egg hunt but we got to pet the animals. Alex liked the baby goats best (sooo much more than those vicious big goats at the Rodeo!)

this picture cracks me up only because "the goat lady" is in it...she was very interesting ;)

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Kristen said...

Great party! Alex looks like he really likes the goats.