Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Exploring

The day before Easter we went to Honey and Grandpa Steve's house to play! The live on the edge of a forest that has fun trails for the neighborhood....super fun to explore on such a beautiful day!

Alex "catching some shade" under the BIG belly, says Travis (thanks, I know I am big)
hunting for bugs is serious stuff
he tried really hard to catch the butterflies (he calls them "b"s, actually he is in a phase where anything that starts with B he calls "b")
does it get much sweeter? my boys!!
Alex hasn't seen Grandpa in a long time! He missed him so, he had to give extra lovin to him!

Thats their house from the back (Alex is counting with me)
We had a delicious lunch in between our play times and Alex was really into sitting in the big chairs. He has since decided he should sit in the big chairs at our house too. He is fully capable now of scooting them out and crawling up. He tests out all the chairs before making final selection. And the other day he scooted a chair all the way across the house to the back door and was sitting in it looking out the back door window! Silly boy!


Solomon Clan said...

Emma does the same thing with the letter "b". Those trails would be a great place for a serious Easter egg hunt.

Kristen said...

you look so cute in that pink shirt! that is so funny about alex with the chairs. what is it with toddlers and furniture?

Kristen said...

I love the one with Alex under your tummy!!!

The Hendry Family said...

the picture of you and alex will be a treasure to you forever. i love my pictures of b (didn't mean to mock Alex, that's just what I call Brayden, haha) when i was big and pregnant. There's something about that time that is just way to precious for words.