Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Well, in short, it was wet and yucky for Easter morning...so typical right?! So these pics are not that pretty and there was no fun egg hunt.
We DID have a great time with family- church and a yummy lunch! I am so blessed to have them all so close!

Thank goodness for Uncle Chad being young, strong, and energetic!
The Easter Bunny is so cool...look what he brought Alex!
His basket would have been a little fuller, but somebody found the Cars early...oops, lazy easter bunny.


Kristen said...

The two cousins are too cute!! Soon there will be another baby...or maybe she is already here :)

Todd and Courtney said...

Wait, did you have your baby girl??? I am so behind!!! Cute photos of Alex. He's so so cute!!

The Hendry Family said...

what a great family picture!! I can totally see Uncle Wes setting up the camera and then running to his spot, am I right??? and oh my gosh...those 2 cousins are adorable!! also...CONGRATS!!!!!!!