Monday, May 24, 2010

Alex is TWO

yes, I made him take a bear pic
My little baby boy is TWO! I can hardly believe it! I got my email saying "Your Preschooler" on the day- what?! No more toddler?! (sigh)
There are just too many things I adore about this kid to write them all. You keep us laughing all the time! My favorite is when you have the sillies and laugh really is contagious! We laugh hard and then you laugh even harder! Its usually something like you saying a silly nonsense phrase.
You are just too sweet to everyone and especially your new sister....even if you spit crackers on her when you are trying to kiss her, or you scream "surprise" right in her ear while she is trying to sleep, or you poke her eye trying to tell me that she has eyes.

Your language has just taken off like a rocket over the past few months and especially since we brought Eliana home. (Not sure if she had something to do with it or if it was just the timing.)
You still cant say words with an M at the begining and replace it with a B sound (Baba for moma, boon for moon, and bore for more, etc)
You know your animals but you make the animal sound instead of calling them by name. You know your abc's pretty well. You are working on colors. You will count in your own way (its the same everytime but not really the numbers).
You LOVE to just run your mouth, like when playing by yourself. Most of the time it is "dadda baba" or "baba dadda" or "dubba dubba dubba". And your favorite phrase is "big big big" or "dadda's har (car)" this was also the first of your two word phrases. When I ask you what you want to do today, your typical response is "Dadda" meaning you want to play with Dadda. You constantly say you want to play cars too.

You have been getting "in trouble" a lot more lately. When we get on to you about something you have started to say "hi" to us to try and break the ice, lighten the mood.
Your favorite food is refried beans. Favorite snack is Pirates Booty. Favorite cereal is Pops. And everything must be in a bowl (for his highness).
You love buckles and try to buckle yourself in the car, booster, and are pretty good at it too. Only a little frustrating when I am in a hurry. :)
You hate to change clothes, change your diaper, or basically do anything for me that I really ask you to do. Soooo, we have been playing in our pjs alot lately. The neighbors probably think we are lazy messes. You are OBSESSED with your monster pajamas and ask to wear them every night. We went and got you a second pair to help lessen our pain. I love when you come to show me that you have them on, beaming with excitement, pointing to your chest, and your hair is all wet and slicked back (cause thats how daddy does it). You cry when we try to take them off.

You love music still and have started to sing along...melt my heart with that sweet little voice. You are still a dancer and we have had many a dance parties. We also started having parades around the house (follow the leader, marching, with instruments of choice).
You are obsessed with shoes and saying "shoes"...constantly trying on ours (and leaving them around the house).

You love to play outside and could spend all day out there if we let you. You LOVE to look for bugs and the neighbors butterfly garden has been a huge source of entertainment lately.

You are interested in the potty! We got you one of your own and you like to sit on it (with your clothes and diaper on). You did go once before bath and there was a big celebration :) with marshmallows...your reward of choice! You will do anything for a marshmallow. We are not "training" or anything but just introducing the idea to see where it takes us.
You have been rocked to sleep this whole year for naps and bedtime. Yep, your momma kept you like a baby as long as she could! But for the past few months you have been too wild and we had to put you in bed, cross our fingers, and hoped you would fall asleep. You did really well at night. Naptime is another story. You could stay there for hours just talking to yourself, singing, yelling, rolling around in bed. Luckily for me, you have recently started to fall asleep! Yea!! ;) Naps are usually 2 hours because you wont go down till late and we have to wake you up or you wont go to bed till late... and its a vicious cycle. Honey is still the queen though and is the only one that can still rock you to sleep, in record time too! Your bedtime is supposed to be at 8:30 and you usually get up between 7:30 and 8. (LOVE this with a newborn!)
You now know how to throw your body to the floor in revolt and kick to guard off unwanted touching...basically you know how to be 2 with the best of them. We are working through this together. Timeouts, rewards, and consequences are a daily discussion. If I can talk you into combing your hair and brushing your teeth its a great day!
Your stats are... 24.4 lbs (10%) and 34 1/2 in tall (50-75%)
isnt this an awesome 2 yr old shot...classic

Lil skinny boy can still wear his 12 mo shorts! but they are pretty short so we are moving up...but thank goodness we are out of pants season, the highwaters were getting bad! :) You wear 24 mo shirts.
We will go to the allergy doctor next month and we are anxious to see what else you are allergic too. (More on that on a future post)
This year has been so much fun to watch you grow into your personality. You are full of life love and energy. We could not be more proud of you and love you more!


Kristen said...

Happy Birthday Alex!!! Those are some super cute pictures. I'm glad to know that Annie isn't the only one making the most out of 'toddlerness' :)

Paige Reynolds said...

Happy Birthday, Alex! Cassie, love the bear picture, wow he's gotten so big!
Oh and is that a double bob stroller I see in the background!? Once you have the Bob, you'll never go back!
Great post, what a big boy he is!

Jenny said...

And Happy Birthday to Alex too! Lots to celebrate at the Isaacson household! All those details of who Alex is was great Cassie, he is so full of personality! I love the jammies story, teehee! He is so blessed to have such a fun, loving, patient and hardworking mamma like you!

shalonda said...

aaaaaah happy birthday 2nd mr alex!!!!

Carla said...

What a handsome boy you have :) We need to set up a serious play date!

rebekah l. louis said...

Happy Birthday, Alex! Great post, Cassie- wonderful pictures and great documentation of what's going on in his life! Love the pic of Alex getting measured! And Henry puts his foot on the table, too- what is up with that??

hodgesgal said...

pirates booty is my kids' favorite too!!! Love the pic with him in his Daddy's shoes! So cute!!!
Happy Birthday Alex!

Kristen said...

Oh Alex!!! What a great post. I am glad Alex has his toddler moments too...Kenzie can be like a wild little animal! We are so lucky to have you as a friend!

seattleshelby said...

Love the whole post, but especially that Alex loves refried beans. Alex, be my friend? I'll give you refried beans galore! Shelby

Jo said...

Such a wonderful document of his life. Cute moments, favorites and quirks. What a doll! We all love him.

Christy said...

can't believe he is 2!!! love the classic tantrum 2 shot - you gotta have those :)