Monday, May 10, 2010

Winners Winners...chicken dinners

Well, there are no chicken dinners (and really no prize at all, sorry) but the winners of the Team Isaacson "guess when baby girl is coming contest" are Brandy and Crystal!!!!! Congratulations you smart cookies! Maybe you should head to Vegas!
Brandy is a friend in my playgroup and Crystal is a friend that was a teammate of mine when I was teaching. Both are just stellar girls! Crystal, you were both of my kiddos have birthdays on the 13th! :)

(Totally stole these pics off facebook, sorry girls!)


Kristen said...

Both on the 13th...that will be easy to remember!! I get Kenzie's and Dawson's confused b/c Kenzie was born on the 11th and Dawson on the 12th.

Crystal said...

Yay,I made the blog! Ha :) speaking of dinners, let me know what your family likes to eat. I need to bring over dinner but wasn't sure with Alex's food allergies. Call me

Brandy said...

Woohoo :)