Friday, May 21, 2010

The Reynolds

We were so excited to have a visit from our dear friends the Reynolds!! :)

Paige spoiled us rotten!! ...

with an amazing pot roast dinner... (no picture for this, sorry)

hugs and love...

an ADORABLE bow holder!! that she MADE!! bows and all!!...

and a shaving kit for alex (cant wait to take pics of this!!)

And it just wouldn't be right to leave out their precious lil Ray...he's so stylin! and just too cute!

We miss you guys and cant wait to hang out again!!


Paige Reynolds said...

we miss you guys! we had a great time seeing yall and meeting eliana. ok, be honest, how did you find a picutre of mr. ray not being fussy!? hehe ;)
i can't wait to see the pictures once alex starts shaving with travis!
love you guys!

Jenny said...

Oh wow, I am so glad that you got a bow holder, I was actually thinking I should make you one! Hers is soooo pretty, bows and all! That is so sweet of her to do all of that for you guys! Right down to the shaving kit!