Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 1 Getting There and Family Time

anyone want to sit by us?!
I was very nervous about getting out the door on time with everything for our 8am flight. Thanks to Honey and my parents I had a couple of days to get everything packed and be totally ready the night before. Thank goodness for that!! Otherwise I am not sure how it would have all gotten done!
I set my alarm for 4:30. Guess who woke up at 4 wide eyed and bushy tailed ready for the "air-pane". Really. Could I not get my 30 min? Well, I told him it was still night and to go back to sleep. He listened to his aquarium for the next hour or so.
We actually did really well getting out the door with all our stuff and made it to the airport in good time. Alex was soo excited about the airplane but really excited to see Taxi cabs at the airport. He learned about it in a book and for some reason became obsessed. We met Honey and Grandpa Steve at the airport and its a good thing- they were so helpful! This is a trend throughout the whole trip! We could not have done it without them! We had our 4 suitcases, one carryon, backpack, diaper bag, stroller, infant carrier, toddler and baby!!
Well, we got through the line to check bags and got through security with minimal stress- the only frustrating part was that I bought this cover for the car seat and it didn't fit! Travis kept trying and it ripped. ugh. oh well. thankfully the airline had bags for us. Eliana did poop on the way there so as I carried her through security I really did want to hold her out in front of me. After a quick change we were down to the plane. No waiting. We were some of the last ones on the plane. Whew!
am I crazy, maybe?!

The flight went surprisingly well. Since Alex had been up so long and early he actually took a nap! Woo hoo!! I could not have planned it better! The rest of the time was spent watching Cars (forget the new movies I bought) and playing with a few new things I brought. He wasn't really into the actual plane ride. Eliana slept most of the time too and did really well. She only had a few outbursts that didn't last long. I actually got to read a magazine while she slept!
Overall, success! :) I am a happy momma!

We finally (rental car co. was slower than molasses) got our minivan and carseat for Alex, loaded it up with ALL our stuff barely fitting, and we were on our way!

honey let Alex watch the busses and taxi cabs while we waited
it was cold! time for leg warmers! yea!!

We stayed with Travis' Aunt Les, Uncle Jim, and cousins Nathan and Holly. They have a beautiful home. His grandparents Lillian and Ken came over for dinner too. We had a great rest of the day playing at the house and chatting with family over some delicious food!
The weather was so nice! It was cool outside! It warmed up a little during the afternoon and then got cold at night. They leave their windows open all day- it felt like summer camp except there was no sweating! :) Alex was in hog heaven in their backyard! It was so nice that he could actually play outside all day- what a concept!

Grandma Lilly and her famous pork and sauerkraut
Isnt she adorable!

Oh, and Eliana and I met our new roommates....Jarvis and Split. yikes! Thanks again Nathan for letting us sleep in your room! I am glad your lil friends didn't seem to mind us and our ocean sound machine!


Jenny said...

Wow! You make it look so easy! I am so happy for you that the plane ride went so well! And gosh,t hanks for all the tips! As soon as I read your post, I packed away some headphones for Bekah, we had the portable DVD player, but not those headphones, that would have been a problem! Thanks so much! Oh and Eliana looks like a doll as always! Way to go Isaacson grandparents too, looks like they were amazing to have around!

Kristen said...

The plane ride is what scares me sounds like it was a success! I am so jealous of the is so hot and I am tired of being cooped up. How nice that you had help from the grandparents...gotta love them!

Brandy said...

Looks like it was smooth sailing! :)
Glad it was fun :)