Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 2 San Fransisco

Thanks to the lovely and wonderful grandparents that came with us and the awesome family that let us stay with them....we got to go by ourselves to San Fransisco! A day of fun for Mom and Dad! That's right, we left both kids behind (and didn't look back).

Just driving into the city was very exciting to me and it was beautiful! I loved seeing all the colorful houses on the hillside that just seem to go on for forever! Not to mention the natural scenery.
We drove in and enjoyed the sites from the car as we made our way to start our touring at Pier 39. It was a foggy cold start but warmed up and turned out to be just a gorgeous day! We saw all the classic tourist things.... (I feel like I am the last person ever to go to SF so let me bore you with the details)(I love our long lens btw- its like I was laying with the sea lions)

my criminal face- for Alcatraz of course. travis likes this pic of me a lot.

We had fun just being together and laughing and getting to do what WE wanted to do.

Travis said I had to get a picture with the breastfeeding mermaid- I don't think she is but whatever

eating our free chocolate, such moochers

Lunch was perfect- outside, sun shining, cool breeze, music from some street guy that was actually really good, and fish and chips! Sad I didn't get a picture.

gotta do a little shopping when you don't have kids around to stop you!

The only thing we didn't get to do was ride the trolly because we just didn't have time. The line was long and we really wanted to get over to the Golden Gate Bridge. It's okay, we will just have to go back someday :) Really, you can't see a city in one day anyway! At least not such a cool place like San Fran!

The Bridge was amazing as expected! Travis really wanted to go out on the bridge since he had never gotten too before. It was cool until Travis brings up the horrific thought of an earthquake- seriously?! Do you want me to freak out!?!

Travis, being the civil engineer, loves bridges!
coming through....
a great day to sail

We saw it from all angles and went up to the lookout on the far side too. The view was just amazing.

A great end to our adventure! Or so we thought...
We actually had to go on one more! We were both hungry and thristy and thought what better place to go than "In and Out". Unfortunately it was harder to find/get to than we thought (I know, I know, they are everywhere! The roads are not like Texas where you can see everything!) But we made it happen.

Word is that Alex had a blast at the house and Ellie was a sweetheart!

Just for note, this was Eliana's first time to have formula. It was just easier than bringing frozen milk on a plane. She took it very well and seemed to be just fine. So since I didn't see her all day, I had to pump while we were out and about. First time pumping in a bathroom stall and on the GG Bridge. Oh the memories. (Sorry if that was TMI)


Jenny said...

Oh this was a great post Cassie! Everything from the criminal face in front of Alcatraz ( only you could make a beautiful criminal face!) to the fact that Ellie took her formula! OH my gosh, I am so happy for you! And it really made my heart happy to see the two of yall get your own adventure together in a very romantic city!Teehee, I love the two references to breastfeeding, such as the mermaid and you pumping on the golden gate, ha!

Paige Reynolds said...

Awesome pictures- so fun! So happy Eliana took the formula like a champ- sounds like a perfect day!

Brandy said...

Love love SF. Looks like you did too :)

Shelby said...

I'm soooo jealous!!! GREAT pictures!!!

Rob and Leah said...

What a better place to pump than San Fran. I bet you didn't even need to go into the bathroom.
Pictures are gorgeous and it looks like y'all had so much fun. Glad the kiddos did well. I'm a little jealous of your freedom:)

Solomon Clan said...

Glad you got to explore the city. I love that place and all your pics bring back so many memories, except for the breastfeeding mermaid. That was too funny! Seeing you in jeans and jackets makes me want some cooler weather here.

What a great trip!!

Kristen said...

I love it!! The breastfeeding mermaid pic is great as well as you pumping around the city. I have never been to SF...it looks like so much fun!

Kristen said...

I'm still laughing at the breast feeding mermaid picture....I love Trav's sense of humor! I could totally picture him saying that. Im glad yall had a great day to yourselves! Looks like yall had fun!

Kristen said...

how fun!!! SF has always been top on my list of cities i'd like to visit. i am green with envy over here! (and so, so nice that eliana does so well on the bottle and formula... maybe she could have a little chat with meg?)

Jo said...

That is great! I've been to those landmarks and it brings back such memories. Love the breastfeeding mermaid! (;

Carla said...

Looks like such a fun trip! We went there on our Honeymoon and loved it- and my parents are actually there now! Can't wait to see more :)