Wednesday, November 3, 2010

With a neigh and cluck cluck cluck

I was so excited to dress the kids up in coordinating costumes this year for Halloween. I found Eliana's at the consignment sale for $2! Add some precious leggings and done! This lil chick was too cute!!

I kept thinking how my mom has said that when I was little my super hero name was Cock-a-doo Baby while my sister was Wonder Woman and brother was Superman. Don't know where it came from but its funny!

So back to my little uns...I wanted to do Alex in a farm animal too but it felt silly to do a cow considering he is allergic to cow's milk. I don't know, maybe I was over analyzing this. Alex has always liked horses and loves to run "like a horse" saying the funniest "tic-a-tic-kah-tickah". I dont know where it came from but its funny! So horse it was! Got his costume on ebay for cheap but it needed a little doctoring...turns out it was supposed to be a giraffe. Momma got out her needle and thread and went Sally Homemaker on it! I think it turned out pretty good! :) Alex didn't seem to flinch when I said it was a horse.

We had a fabulous night hanging with the Hoyts...they had a little party in the front yard to kick off the night including a rambunctious jumpy house! I think Alex wore himself out before we even set out to Trick or Treat.

My sis came with her in-laws and a precious lil ladybug to join in on the trick or treating! I love it! Some of my fondest memories are trick or treating with my cousin Brie every year!
Alex did great going to the houses and doing the whole bit! Had a blast and didn't want to stop! He just wanted to keep up with Evan! He was sweating in that costume and didn't even care! He doesn't even know about candy (well, he does like lollipops) but I think he just like the idea of gathering to put in his bucket- the thrill of the chase! Today I "traded" him some candy for mini marshmallows and he couldn't have been happier!

I was fading fast lugging around a fat chicken around the neighborhood! I knew I should have grabbed the stroller! But she was just as happy as could be all night! A real cool chick!

On a side note, I did love wearing my trusty old overalls from high school. Yes, I saved them just in case of a situation just like this! :) They felt just the same and oh so wonderful. You know you are just like me and dream of a day that they come back in style!

Because Ellie took an early evening nap and because the party made things a little more hectic I didn't get a picture of the two kids together (blasted!) and this was all I got of the 4 of us. It was the end of the night and it was the best we could do. At least my child is eating raisins! One of the pros of a kid that can't have chocolate.
Happy Halloween from our little funny farm!


rebekah l. louis said...

girl! 1st of all, eliana is beyond precious in that chicken costume- those leggings!!!! perfect! alex was quite the handsome horse- would you stop crafting?!? you're making me feel bad. and last, i have held on to my overalls for the same reason, too- let's bring them back in style!! i'm sure we could start something on facebook :)

Solomon Clan said...

Love the costumes!! Eliana is too precious! And of course Alex makes an adorable horse. Glad you had a great Halloween!

Ann Marie said...

I pulled out the pics of your sweet farming family to show Nick the other day. He was rather impressed. Maybe it is because our costumes were garbage bags this year? The little chick is adorable, and Alex definitely looked like a horse. You did great.

I really like doing coordinating family costumes too. Unfortunately, I know that it can't last. My sister, Elizabeth, took her kids into the store and her kids insisted upon different things. Jack (kindergarten) wanted to be the grim reaper with a sickle. Gross. So, in the pics he is standing over two fairies/princesses and superman. I can't wait to have four!


Rob and Leah said...

What a cute post and cute kiddos! Loved the costumes.

Jenny said...

Cassie, you outdid yourself this year, i am soooo impressed by the cuteness of it all! eliana's outfit couldn't be more original and precious! even you were looking cute in those rockin overalls! the minute i saw you wearing them i grew green with envy for you had the perfect excuse to wear those fabulous things! way to go girl! one day, we may have to copy your famiy just so mommy can wear those again! i loved the bandana in your hair too, great touch! glad you guys had such a successful and fun halloween!

The Hendry Family said...

Love you! I loved trick or treating with yall too!! Good ole days!