Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall Festival

I have been wanting to do a little school update so I will get to that first...

Alex has been getting better and better about going to school! Thank Heavens! :) He doesn't cry anymore and barely looked back to wave goodbye the other day! Its really unbelievable! And it makes it sooo much easier on me. He fusses a little when I tell him we have to get dressed and ready to go but he does that daily, even when we are going somewhere fun. The kids wants to live in his pajamas and I cant say that I blame him. And the converstation is about the same everyday when I pick him up. "Hey Buddy, how was school?!" "I cry. I cry for Mommy." (Said in a pitiful FAKE sad voice with a big bottom lip). I think he is just trying to get at me though because I am pretty sure he doesn't cry anymore. He doesn't tell me a whole lot about it but he has started eating more of his lunch, singing songs that he learns there, and he brings home art work. That makes me so happy because he is not in to crafts. at all. And it tells me that he is having fun whether he will admit it or not. :)
His first art that came home. The muddy pig! I loved it!! and you can see he is in to "minimalism". It's funny how something so silly made me so proud.

I think he is pretty good for the teacher. I am surprised because he can be quite the toot at home. But we had our first day with only one stamp on his hand the other day. They get stamps in "music and movement" for good behavior. They get two stamps unless they have problems and then loose one stamp at a time. I was always so happy and proud that he kept coming home with two stamps. But I knew that it was bound to happen one of these days. We told him that we were "disappointed" and he needs to always try to get two stamps! :) He is two and a boy- what can you expect during a "movement" time!

I have been up to school twice now. The first time was for the school fundraiser- book fair and cookies. It was fun to see them in their class and sitting at the tables. Its the little things. Alex was beyond happy to see me and even happier that I had Golden Oreos (his all time fave! He can have regular ones but he just prefers the golden).
not sure why he looks so scared
And then I volunteered to come to help at their fall festival. I am so glad that I did. I loved meeting the kids in his class and I was glad I could be there to monitor with the treats (because of his food allergies). This was our first experience with something like this and I just didn't want Alex to feel left out at all. Overall it was great and there were only a few times that I felt bad for him. Like when the other kids kept shoving M&Ms in their mouths even though they weren't supposed to. Alex doesn't really know what he is missing so he didn't seem to care but he did want a snack because he was hungry. It was funny because there was probably at least one kid crying at all times- his poor teacher (and aide) has her hands full. 13 two year olds is a lot!! It was fun time and Alex was happy to have mom there!
the butterfly class
parachute station
waiting (there was a lot of that) with his bud Evan S the scarecrow :)

my little horsie- I was so glad he decided to put on his costume. It took him seeing the other kids inside before he would let me put it on him.
When Alex saw this picture he said "walk on the sidewalk!" like he was stating the rules.

I am so proud of you Alex. You are doing a great job! I know this has not been easy on you but you seem to have risen to the occasion! You have come SO far and you are learning so much everyday!!


Shelby said...

sweet sweet post! I am so glad he is doing so well in class! I love that muddy pig! :) Great pictures. :)

The Stacer Family said...

Great school update! I think I'd write all the same things for Evan :) Glad he is doing so well too. I didn't know that about the stamps. I'll have to pay attention!

Jenny said...

cassie, reading this made me want to cry about 4 different times! teehee, i didn't expect to get so sentimental, but i am so happy for you guys that school is going so well! what an accomplishment for both mommy and alex! that "walk on the sidewalk" comment and hearing you volunteer at your school really jumps him up to be a preschooler, what a big boy!

Paige Reynolds said...

What a great post! Way to go Alex!!! I know that makes you enjoy your 'day off' so much easier! Keep it up Alex!!!

Kristen said...

It sounds like school is going great for him! I love his muddy pig. Those teachers do have their hands full with 13 kids!! The class picture is too cute and Alex's horse costume is adorable!!!! Miss you guys!