Monday, May 9, 2011


So it started with an egg hunt at school on Thursday. Alex was totally not into it because he had an allergic reaction to something (? dont know but maybe just pollen) like RIGHT before the hunt. His face and eye was totally swollen and itchy. Poor guy. But he totally didn't get the whole picking up eggs thing. People had to give us eggs at the end to make it fair. Alex didn't seem to mind. He was stoked about the candy "O"- lifesaver- he found in one of the eggs. Saturday we headed out to Honey and Grandpa Steves neighborhood egg hunt "extravaganza". It was a really great event!
Ellie spotted those eggs and had to have em! I had to hold her back!
waiting so patiently

So, the fire truck comes to blow the siren to start the hunt....should have prepared us for that one! Alex was totally caught off guard and wouldn't go for the eggs after that and the mad rush of people going after eggs! Seriously, it was quite crazy!

Alex getting the hang of it with some help from Honey.

not bad little one. not bad.

driving the fire truck..."let me see. how do I back this thing up?"
picture with the Easter Bunny! surprisingly enough both kids where into it!

a little high five action
Ellie loved watching him!
a little petting zoo action...we we happy to stay on this side of the fence. especially miss E.
and some park action

Easter Morning
a funny tidbit- I told Alex that the Easter bunny was coming the night before and he did give me some odd looks. He ended up crying hard in the middle of the night, saying he didn't want the Easter Bunny to come to his house, and sleeping in bed with us he was so scared. oops. Maybe he was picturing the slightly weird bunny man from the park coming in his house and I can't blame him. Although, when he realized there was a basket of treats involved I think he forgot all about the drama.

a little breakfast with daddy before church
checking out the loot

and a sibling shot was not in the cards. okay.

After Church we headed to my sisters house for lunch and an egg hunt. This time Alex got it! I think he needed a less competitive environment to feel comfortable....although Kalyn gave him a run for his money. Ellie, not so much. She was content taking the eggs out of the basket that I nicely tried to put in there to help a sista out.

Kalyns playhouse is the coolest. Ellie can't get enough in and out, close the door.
he claims he likes jelly beans but don't be fooled. he sucks on them for all of 2 seconds and then spits them out making a huge mess and says he doesn't like that one....and goes in for a new color. awesome.


Rob and Leah said...

Love your post. You're so funny! Yeah, we decided not to mention the Easter Bunny. It's weird and confusing:) The kids looked precious on Easter!

Ashley said...

Love the pic of the kids looking up at the Easter bunny while sitting on his lap!

Kristen said...

Those pictures are great! I love the one of the kids backs in matching colors looking out over the eggs.

Sarah and Eric said...

That first hunt looks intense! What a neat picture with your two kids, then the field, then everyone else!