Thursday, May 26, 2011

lets get pinning!

You know how you go through blogs (and sometimes get going on blog to blog to blog link)! and you see all these cool things but you are thinking to yourself, I cant bookmark the world! and I will probably not remember this when it comes time to needing it! well.....your answer is pinterest!
I love it! check it out!! sign up!! its so cool! and easy! and you will be hooked in no time! I need to work on my page bc I just started! I have found that its also a good way to search for cool things- let others do the hunting! Like when I needed a teacher gift the week of and saw this super cute idea, stole it, and threw it together, like wow! :)

and just a quick note, this is a follow up on the previous summer learning post....this is another site that found and like- Just sharing in case you wanted to know :) I like the magnet sheets. They go with the alphabet or books. Really easy to find what you want. Seems to be a ton of good stuff!

and yes I went to Florida last weekend and yes I will be posting about it and yes my child turned three and yes I will be posting about it! :) all in good time, all in good time


Kristen said...

i just discovered that too!! i am afraid once i get sucked in no one will see or hear from for a few weeks

hodgesgal said...

Cassie, thanks for that AWESOME link to making learning fun!!! Wow, I needed thatf or this summer with my little one going to kinder!!! Now, I am excited!!! I am such a blog jumper too!!!

Kristen said...

That site looks really cool...I can't wait to check it out. And the make learning fun is awesome! Keep the ideas coming :)