Wednesday, May 11, 2011

what to do today?

that is the question I am often asking myself when I have put Eliana down for nap in the morning and I look at the crazy guy who is running in circles in the living room. I decided I needed some help coming up with some ideas. He is NOT into art at all so I would have to get creative. I came across this blog and I have loved it! She has boys and at similar ages. She home pre-schools them so she has way more ideas than I need right now, but its good to pick and choose. I really like the fine motor skills activities. We have tried tweezers (that I found at the dollar store in a bug kit, they also have "toaster tongs" at a kitchen store that are a good size, and IKEA has a real good kid tong in the child kitchen tools set), dot paint letters (I just made some quickly in Word so let me know if you want the files), sticker pictures, hammering in golf tees in the dirt, sidewalk chalk obstacle course, car colors, and marbles (decorative from the dollar store). The marbles have been a HUGE hit. I mean, he asks to play with them everyday! I told him they are just for him and only when Ellie is napping and I think that he likes that even more. I gave him an old wrapping paper tube and he loves shooting them down like a ramp. I also gave lots of different sized spoons to work on transferring them. It's been great! But really, ALL the activites I have tried so far have been hits! It makes me excited like a teacher again. I think I will have to step it up here for the summer since he will home all week- yikes!

so a big thanks to this lady! all props to her! check her out- Little Hands Big Work

any other sites I need to know about? any other good ideas? please share! :)

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