Thursday, September 1, 2011

Party of ....five!

Some of you may have noticed a lack in blogging lately... ok a complete halt in blogging. Its pitiful. Not sure if anyone will even ever read this since I am sure I have lost all followers. :)
well, (like I announced on facebook, and most of you know)

we are expecting Baby #3 March 19th!
The kids will be 23 months apart (both sets) with birthdays in March, Ellie in April, and Alex in May. Alex and Ellie both are on the 13th and there is a good chance that this one could be too. Crazy!! The engineer husband loves it. Its his perfect organized world. ;)

The range of emotions I/we have been having is wide.
Of course we are excited!! We did plan this. We wanted 3 kids. And we are just soooo blessed to be given what we want SO easily. I do know this and Thank The Lord.
I am scared. Really scared. I am the one home all day and juggling them to make it places all week. It's tough with two, and now to add another to the mix seems impossible. It will be a zoo, thats for sure. I have my doubts but I know that people do it (both of us come from families of 5) so that is reassuring. We kind of figure we just want to get through this tough baby/toddler phase as fast as possible (yet, savoring the moments we love, don't get me wrong).
It will be fun! There will never be a dull moment and the kids will have a blast with each other. I see that with Alex and Ellie already.

Seeing this precious baby on the Ultrasound really made me emotional. Its just so amazing and you can instantly feel so much more connected. The tech said it was a cute lil heartbeat and I couldn't agree more with tears in my eyes. I wondered if by this time around if it would start to be a little humdrum but it was the furthest thing. I still got the same emotions of love and excitement just like when I saw Alex for the first time on that TV screen. It was just what I needed after feeling such fear and doubt and horrible sickness. I just cannot wait to meet this precious soul that will complete our family.

I am 10 weeks along (when I started this post) and it has been one heck of a start! I have felt the worst I have ever felt. Sooo tired, like I've been drinking Benedryl and can't keep my eyes open! Taking two naps a day (with Ellie) and still ready for bed early! I was sooo nauseous, like I just want to throw up all the time, but thankfully have not. The worst is at meal times of course, when feeding the kids really. Nothing sounds good but I have to eat to prevent the sickness- its horrible. I don't wish it on anyone. Thank goodness this is my last one- really! I don't think I could do this again! and it was one of the main reasons I was hesitant to get pregnant again.

Travis has been my hero. He has really stepped up to help out and take over when he is home. The dishes alone have nearly killed him (anyone else feel the daily pain of the never ending dishes! ahh, brutal! and the more kids the more dishes!!) and he is even my dish man. Along with him, my parents and in-laws have been such angels helping me out! I really don't think I could have signed up for this without knowing I have so much help. Alex has been the hardest just because he has the energy of a crazy person and wants to play sports all day long...a lazy mom on the couch is just not acceptable for the "team". I laugh at the silly games Alex and I played in my bed to keep him occupied so I could stay in bed. He also may have rotted his brain a little on tv. Just a little. :)
Alex is excited about the new baby and brings it up every once in a while. He thinks its a pretty good idea considering he loves Ellie and what could be better than one more! More playmates! :) He says he would like a boy when you ask him. He also thinks we could name it Alex. That's what he names everything. Ellie has no clue but her love for babies will surely come in handy.

So in regards to that....we will not find out the sex. We figure, we have it all (lord, we have it ALL!) and I am not even planning a nursery. We were blessed with a boy and a girl so either one would be great! This is the perfect time to just wait and be surprised! Should be fun, although I know I will be dying! It is VERY out of character for me to agree to this!

And, to answer the nursery question- those of you that have been to our cozy lil house know that we do not really have room for this next peanut. The plan is to keep it in our room for a while like normal, and then we will take it from there. We may shack up Alex and Ellie, or we may move. We don't want to move right now and may want to even wait another year. We are really just going to see how it goes. In the meantime, we will have some major cleaning, purging, and organizing going on to make this work better for us. This is another decision that I have surprised myself with. Even though its tight here, we LOVE this house and are very attached to it.

Since starting this post that has dragged out over weeks...I am feeling so much better! Napping way less and not really nauseous anymore. Thank the Lord! It was getting REALLY old! Now I am on to cravings...salads (specifically Ranch) got me through the beginning, candy, fries and hamburgers, pudding, peanut butter and jelly, strawberries, salty chips...looks like we are off to a great start! ha! One of the hard things about food this time is not eating things that Alex can't have (in front of him) when I really crave it. I am starting to sneak foods and have hidden stashes around the house :)

We are taking suggestions for nicknames for this lil one...we need to call it something in the meantime. Things like Skittles, Peanut, Lil Bit, etc. ?? (On a side note I called Alex "peanut" the other day and he said- no! no mommy! I allergic to peanuts! I cant have them and Ellie can't have them.- And thats why I have always stayed away from the nickname :)


Andrea Farrell said...

Congratulations, Cassie! That is super exciting! Three kids is perfect if you ask me. I can totally relate to the feelings of being completely blessed and excited, but at the same time terrified. I felt that three times over when I was pregnant with triplets. But now I wouldn't have it any other way. So sorry you've been so sick. I can relate to that, too, but I didn't have to chase after two other kids while constantly puking...that sounds so hard. So glad the worst is behind you. Again, congratulations! We are thrilled for y'all!

rebekah l. louis said...

cassie- you are going to do awesome. you're a great mom of 2 and you will be a great mom of 3!

so glad you are feeling better and that your appetite is back!

Jenny said...

That was a really, really, really great post cassie! I couldn't hear enough about you and your precious baby number 3! ( Us Burkharts will work on a nickname and get back to you!) You are going to be amazing and probably inspire me to go for baby number 3 when Zack wants nothing of the sort, teeheee! I admire your energy, love and dedication to your sweet kiddos!

Ashley said...

So exciting and what a blessing! Love the post. Congrats on baby #3!

Solomon Clan said...

So excited for all of you!! And I still read your blog. I love it! Gotta keep up with those cute kiddos of yours. Best of luck with everything. I think you will do great with three. You already rock at 2! If you ever need anything please let me know. Can't wait to meet your sweet little one. And I love that you are going to be surprised. That is totally what we are doing too, when the time comes. =) Congrats again!!

Sarah and Eric said...

How exciting!!!!! So happy for you Cassie! Gosh, there are so many people having March babies and I can attest, it's a great month to have a baby!!!

Kristen said...

Yay!!! I am so excited for you guys! So fun to keep the sex a secret. I think I would do the same b/c we have both but it would be REALLY hard. I think you will do fabulous with three. In fact, you are the first person I know with three so I look forward to hearing about how it is. Glad to hear you are feeling better...we will hope it continues. Please put me on your care calendar when the time comes, I can bring some yummy casserole :)

Spicy Magnolia said...

We are so excited for you all!! Loved seeing the precious ultrasound picture. Have you all picked a nickname? Miss seeing you all and hope to soon!