Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Holiday Fun (part 1)

We had a great time this year celebrating all month long! The kids were really into it and it makes it so fun!

decorating the tree- We let the kids help and do the decorating this year, with thoughts that I would go back and fix it and add the breakables up high, and it never happened but I kinda liked it that way

and the angel on top!
yes, our tree is a beast...thats what happens when you get your tree in a huge warehouse that throws off your sense of proportion
Alex was thrilled about all the ornaments and he couldn't stop checking them all out
opening up all of my snow globe collection was like opening up gifts to the kids. THEY LOVED IT! and the snow globes had to be one of Ellie's favorite things this year. Sadly, when I didn't want to wind them all up for her I had to tell her they were sleeping and this only kept the whining away half of the time. :)

we topped off our day of decorating with a candlelight dinner...another family favorite!
We went to visit Santa up at our church (It was easy and cheap and I knew it wouldn't go well anyway)
Ellie seemed very interested from a distance! Alex was very anxious for our turn but was very patient.

as expected, lil one was NOT having it. Alex went ahead and told Santa that he wanted toy helicopters.
mean momma made her do it anyway
and then Alex got his time not worried about sister

one more try, and its still a no-go
this helped the pain go away


Kristen said...

yay, glad to see you back blogging again! i know i'm not supposed to like them, but i think those crying with santa pictures are just so darn cute.

Carla said...

LOVE the pic of Ellie with the candy cane :)