Monday, March 12, 2012

39 weeks- Here we go!

So I didn't post last week bc honestly, I was so disappointed that I couldn't face writing it. Doc said I was still high and closed, maybe a cm dilated but I think she was being nice, and said that it looked like I would go maybe even after my due date! It was a rough day. I am in such pain/discomfort and so done with being pregnant that it was quite disappointing! I looked back and read my post at the same time with Ellie and it was identical to my thoughts so I quickly faced the facts and got over it. Tried to look at the bright side and kept busy with a fun family weekend.
Well, today was my answered prayer! Doc said that I am already almost a 4! I look like a different patient!! She said we could induce on Wednesday morning but I probably wont make it! So, we are looking at this baby could be here any moment! Especially after checking me, that can often push things more.
I am doing pretty well...anxious, nervous, super excited! We are in reality planning mode and telling all grandparents that they are on high alert! :)

Maybe the 13th was the plan all along!?!
I don't know what you are doing for Spring Break, but I would like to have a baby!!


Ashley said...

That will be SO crazy if the new baby comes tomorrow on the 13th!! Best of luck, momma!

Kristen said...

yay!! good luck!! can't wait to meet the newest little one!
(i want the name of your doctor, i'm not going to put up with being forced to wait until 41 weeks to get induced next time!)

Kristen said...

How exciting!!!! I'll be thinking about you tomorrow...maybe you'll be in labor :)