Monday, March 5, 2012

roll with it

Our weekend started out with me making the best semi-homemade cinnamon rolls...a new family fav!! (thank you pinterest- I love it when I can find special treats for my kids) and I think they might even taste better left over the next day.

Travis did a lot of work around the house on Saturday and we played and kept him company :)

Sunday, he took the kids to the Zilker kite festival with Honey and Grandpa Steve. The met up with Papa Wes, Vinnie, and Kalyn. It was a gorgeous day and I know they had so much fun!

Seeing as I am so big now, I just couldn't walk the distance so I stayed behind with my mom. We got a baby book and did some light clothes shopping for the kids. Then we met Jo for lunch and had great girl time laughing on the patio at Schlotskys. Before we knew it 2 hours had past!

I am 38 weeks today

Alex wanted in on the photo shoot. I love my precious boy to pieces. Can't get over how big he is! He is so helpful and I know he will be great to have when the new baby comes.
He actually wanted to take this picture with his cars. He set it up. He is so in love with them. He wanted to take and print out pictures of his cars to put on the fridge....because we don't see them enough right?!

...waiting is so hard. Everyday I wonder if it will be the day! It keeps me up at night.
Anxious for my appointment on Wednesday to see if we have any real progress. Until the big day, I am trying to just roll with it. I am enjoying the kids and savoring my last pregnancy (despite the aches and pains).


Ashley said...

Oh, I love the silhouette photo! Beautiful.

Jenny said...

Yeah, that picture is beautiful cassie! hang in there girl, she/he is coming!we are praying for you! love you!

Holly said...

Great picture of you and I love the one of Alex!!!