Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's A BOY!

We welcomed to the world and our family, Jacob Wesley Isaacson on March 14th, 2012 at 2:10 pm. He weighed 8lbs 2 oz and measured 20 1/4 inches long.
We are madly in love! He is just pure sweetness, as Honey likes to say!

Seems the readers were wrong with their votes of girl :)

Things are non-stop everyday as you can imagine, so I am way behind on posts, but I will catch up!

I didn't go into labor so we went in Wednesday morning to be induced. I couldn't sleep and was up at like 2:30 and we went in to the hospital at 6. Needless to say I was exhausted before it all started running on adrenaline and excitement.
After checking to see my progress we realized that I didn't go into labor because I had almost di-gressed, if that's actually possible! I was nervous that they would send me home or that it wouldn't go well if I went through with it but the nurses and doctors were confident that it would be fine.
They started pitocin, I got my epidural after I got enough fluid, and I was feeling great! Not a pain! My sister and mom and dad came into the room and hung out with us and we just chatted the morning away! It was really fun. You would have thought it was a party! Well, doc broke my water at around 12:30 and the contractions started to get really big fast. I know this always happens with me and that's why I strongly fought for it to all be in the order, BUT the epidural couldn't keep up with the intense pain. And it got ugly fast. It was like I had no epidural! My sis swears I did, just not enough meds. Well, it took what felt like a year for that darn anesthesiologist to get back to give me more meds and by that time I was almost done. I was crying like a baby, cursing at the world, screaming that my skin was going to burst and ribs break, hyperventilating like I do, and very mad that this was NOT what I wanted. (I did apologize to the nurse later) I did not want to feel any pain :)
I do think the meds kicked in as I started to push but I could still do a great job of pushing and felt it- 2 big push sessions and that baby was out. Nothing has ever felt so good. I cried like a baby. Needless to say I looked like hell. There are no beauty shots of me and baby after this time.
Its funny how I can look back and laugh because at the time there was no laughing. I love how God lets mothers forget the pains.

He is a beautiful baby if I can say so myself! I could stare at him all day long and I really believe it when people comment that he is so cute! I am not naive. I know that's just what people say :) We laughed that he may be the cutest newborn of my three - and I cant argue, being the third in my family, I am sure I was the cutest too ;) (I hope you can tell I am being funny because I think all my kids are equally cute of course!) My favorite thing is that he has dimples when he smiles (in his sleep).
We are just so thankful and feel so blessed that everything went well and we are all healthy and safe.
The hospital stay was great...I love being waited on :) and food in bed is the life! With so much family in town, we had lots of visitors. Travis and I even had a milkshake date :) I love him. Yeah, my lower half could have felt better but I was healing quickly and a new baby will help you forget that.
He nursed well from the start and we worked well together. The first night he even slept so well we kept him in our room with us. The second night he got the boot but was still a pretty good boy. It's hard to say if I am just more confident and knowledgeable or if he is a really good baby but probably a little of both.
He got his name because Travis and I just like the name Jacob. We like that its biblical, its strong, common, and has nicknames. And we really liked the idea of using Wesley as the middle name, which it goes well with. Wesley is my Dad's middle name (which he goes by) and my brother's middle name. It means a lot to me for my Dad to be honored and part of my family to be passed down. I think they are both amazing men that Jacob will strive to be like. Travis and I decided on the name a long time ago and felt confident it was right with really no discussion.
The kids have been great! They were very excited to come and meet the baby and did an awesome job in the hospital (considering it was late and they had to wait a long time because I was moving to my postpartum room right when they got there). Ellie was just as enthralled as expected and quite the baby hog, even claiming it was her baby. Sorry sister, but this one is mine and I will share. :) Alex was super sweet and interested for a good amount of time and then loved his new present from Jacob.

THE PICTURES ARE IN BACKWARDS ORDER-Sorry, but it would take me forever to change them around so start at the bottom and go up!

she mimics the baby sticking its tongue out

our room with a view....seriously depressing that window size! that makes the pictures with natural light impossible! :( boo.

First Bath

Gigi was in town (my Grandmother) What a special treat!! She has held a lot of babies in her time! and this is her seventh great-grandchild!

telling my dad his name

and we have a baby boy!!
I love Dr. Orth!! this is obviously pre-water breakingwaiting...

night before bedtime stories...not much room in that chair!
my precious pregnant buds


Sarah and Eric said...

Aww, congratulations Cassie! I'm so happy for you and your beautiful family. I'm all for the no pain labors myself!

Carla said...

A++ momma! I am I tears! Not sure which picture is my favorite, the one with you and Travis holding hands right after he's born (the baby, not Travis!) or you with all 3 kids in bed with Ellie holding him! So many blessings! Can't, can't, can't wait to meet that little guy! Xoxo

Kristen said...

Congratulations!!! I LOVE all the pictures, he is absolutely adorable and I really like the name. Your post made me cry remembering having my two. I am totally with you on the hospital stay being a almost makes me want to have another ;) I am so happy for you guys!

rebekah l. louis said...

you got so many great pictures!!! LOVE the one of you and travis right after jacob was born- incredible.
and you looked great- don't know what fluid face you were talking about.
great post.

The Scotts said...

Many congrats, Cassie and Travis! Just caught up on your blog and now I'm crying at work! Way to go, Momma -- even if it hurt like hell! Can't wait to meet him soon. Give him love from the Scott cousins. Xo

The Hendry Family said...

Oh Cassie I love your humor in your birth story. :) I also cried when I saw you telling you dad Jacob's name. So touching. I'm so very happy for you and your family!!!!