Sunday, September 16, 2012

Our Summer Rewind

 When we weren't on a fun trip, we were doing the daily summer thing. It was hard. It was hot. It was long. But we survived and tried to keep it fun and easy. We spent a lot of time at home making the simple memories that really can be the best. Just good ole fashioned playing. This post is just a lot of random pictures in no particular order. Most from my phone. Nothing too fancy. Just our everyday.

Alex learned to dress himself. And picked out his own clothes. And got dressed first thing in the morning and then asked what are we doing today?! My answer was normally not as exciting as he would have hoped. ;) This was all very shocking to me because he is normally my homebody/stay in pjs all day kiddo. He did get to go to VBS and a pre-k camp in June. He loved them both but Ellie and I (and I am sure Jacob) missed him a lot.

there were days of playdoh fun

 days of Legos...a right of passage for every boy.  

days of paint...I might have let this one get a little out of control
days at the pool. Mostly on the weekend when Travis could help me. (love the fourth child in this one! ha!)
her hair grew long enough for pig tails! yay!!! 
 We did go to the pool alot in May and June when Alex took swim lessons.  This was the summer that Alex learned to swim on his own! We are so proud of him! He could swim the whole width of the pool by himself! And started to learn freestyle and diving. 

(don't you like the irony in this one)

 Ellie was very good about playing in the baby pool while we waited.
Days of... Power Rangers. I hate it and tried everything to stop the interest but some things are just more the gold power ranger
Days of "what are we going to do?!"
I tried to come up with constructive activities via pinterest. Otherwise "the bigs" would have destroyed the house and each other...oh wait, they did.
this is "puzzle race"- pieces in one room and the base in the other, one piece at a time, except Ellie didn't always follow the rules ;)

this was one of those moments where I took a picture because it was a miracle moment. this does not happen! baby was asleep, quite music playing, and two quiet kids working hard = mommy can unload the dish washer in peace. thank you paint with water book and thank you julie!!
 I put rice and beans in a bucket and made the kids play in a tub to hold the mess...totally works and a great way to beat the heat. Alex might have needed a bigger tub ;) Ellie was in hog heaven!
Days with visitors!
The Burkharts dropped in...near and dear to us! Always a treat to have my best friend since kinder and her sweet family to play!

Benjamin Looper! Our good friends, from Hill Country Bible Church, the Loopers had their baby only a few months before us. He is such a special sweet boy and we are so glad we got to meet him! Ellie was beside herself to have two babies at the house! She was an excellent babysitter. ;) 

 holly and zachary! We so look forward to seeing them not only bc they always bring cool stuff like star wars guys but because they are just so fun and sweet! 

 We had a very special quick visit from my college friend Lisa and her family! Could not be a sweeter family! Alex doesn't take to girls very quickly but as you can see....we like Audrey. A lot. :)

 another sweet friend to meet...Mason. born about a month later than Jacob.

 Everyone couldn't resist the fun tummy time

Days of cuddles
"me hold baby bubba"

days of ice cream sillies

days of backyard pool parties
I think this is where the kids bond the most. Alex really loved having a playmate.

Days of the Olympics! It was a great distraction to the heat and the long summer! Just what we needed to make it through. I loved having the tv on a little more to introduce the kids to all the different sports and they loved it all. Not sure why I didn't get more pictures?!

Days of babies

days of yard guy watching...will this ever get old?!

Days of play hut fun! 

days of...Oh the lightsabor fights...I want to throw those things away...too bad it is one of his favorite things

days of cool treats...homemade pudding pops. these were a one time thing but we did have popsicles almost every day :)

pudding pirates :)

more backyard pool parties...this one is olympic themed
 Alex learned to spit like an olympic swimmer

 And Ellie learned to pose like a....I don't know. :)


days of dressing how you like and not caring a bit

days of riding bikes

days of reading books

days of playing doctor (a house favorite, love the dialogue when they play pretend together)

days of coo coo

days of music class...which is not technically at home, but who cares
At the end of each class you are to "dance with the one that brought you" to this sweet slow song "Best Baby in the World". I was tending to Jacob so they, on their own, chose each other, and stood there in this embrace, dancing, for a very long time.  heart. melt.

This was the summer that mommy figured out what it was like to have three kids at home all the time.
This was the summer that Alex and Ellie truly became best friends.  This was the summer we loved on our sweet new baby Jacob.


Sarah and Eric said...

What a sweet post! Your kids are precious!

Jenny said...

Cassie, what a precious post! I loved seeing what your very special summer was like, full of hard work for mama, but gosh, look at the outcome! I just kept thinking, what a good mama you are and how lucky your kids are to have you and have one another! I loved the pics of them with the pudding pops, smiling at one another!

rebekah l. louis said...

love your kiddos! wish we could play with you guys!

Carla said...

Love the summer rewind! You really captured some sweet moments :)