Thursday, October 4, 2012

Jacob 6 Months

Oh my little sweet pea, I never forget about you and these special posts, I just struggle to find the energy at the end of such busy busy days. We also had a major event come out of nowhere that kept me off the computer for quite awhile- we bought a new house and put our house on the market! More on that later. So, Mr. Jakey, here it is...

You are such a happy happy little boy. A really good baby!! You have grown so much this month and are becoming quite the little entertainer. Your sweet giggles, BIG gummy grins, warm lil hugs, chubby cheeks, focused looks, and soft baby talk ("dah") make us all melt.  

You LOVE to lay on your tummy and play with toys! You tend to be quite content there.
You have figured out how to be mobile and get what you want...aka. big kid toys! Forget rattles, give me Batman.  You get sooo excited to get close to Alex's toy tubs. We have since moved all the dangers :)
I know you will be crawling in no time because this movement progress has happened what seemed overnight and its all you want to do. One day your were pulling your knees in and pushing up and the next day you were rocking. It seemed as though the next day you were moving! You throw your self forward and then push up and throw it again. You are pretty fast too. 

Really strong- can do a good downward dog.  (ugh, I wish I could freeze time for just a little bit!)

Not as much a fan of the bouncer seat or exersaucer any more. You do love to jump in the doorway jumper and really figured it out. You are a good jumper!

another friend, Callan, only 4 days apart and both the poor third child ;) they can do therapy together someday 

Working on sitting up! You were doing really well there for awhile. Had a good tripod stance but now that you want to move and go, you don't hold it for but a second. You are also working on going from a crawl pose to a side sit. Its pretty cute how you rest your lil booty and look up at us.

You are so interested in the world around you. Taking it all in. You definitly want to be a part of the party now. Sometimes I fear of that though...the bigs are not the best role models. I wish I could shelter you from their crazies. :)  I also tend to fear for your safety around them. They are just wild. But I know that my words are not being totally lost. Alex said to Ellie the other day, and I quote, "Careful Ellie. You might break him. He is just a baby!" I have not used the word break :) but I had to pull my jaw up after that one.  

You are grabby grabby. Cant hold things while holding you, if I don't want you to grab at it (most likely spill it or ruin it) and shove in your mouth. 

I have given you a gummy pacifier to chew on and you tend to love it and cry if you drop it. You are getting better and better at hand control though. Those teeth sure are pushing and taking their time. Not fun. ** And we have breakthrough!! As I was writing this over two days, your first tooth broke through! I felt it with my finger! Yay!

You have gone back to sleeping all night (woo hoo) and tend to take two naps a day- that is if we can keep you home and in your bed for them. If not, then three naps, but I try to avoid that third nap so that you go to bed at around 7 or 8. You were doing well on bouncing and singing to sleep (wouldnt take but a few minutes) but then you got super hungry and we are back to nursing to sleep most of the time. I know I know, but I cant help it. I like keeping you on schedule. If I make you cry, you just cry for an hour and then dont want to sleep. Its torture for all of us. So, I am concluding that you are a lot like brother- but at least you sleep all night.  Forget transferring you from sleeping in the car- you will wake up. (And not really a fan of being in the car for very long either)

To also help with you being super hungry we started you on baby food this month. I would have never believed it but you LOVE it!! You lap it up a jar at a time and cry if its not coming fast enough and cry when its gone. You are my only baby who has eaten like this! I love it! It makes feeding you fun and worth the effort...because you can only imagine how much time I have in my day to sit and feed you. I gladly do it to spend time with this sweet face!  You also like Mum mums although you arent real good at holding them yet. We tried some broken puffs but you don't seem to be ready yet. You aren't a big fan of water in the sippy but we are slowly getting better and better.

Getting a little bit of stranger anxiety and you will smile when you see me or someone you know.
You LOVE Alex and Ellie. You really talk for Alex and put out your hands like you want to hold him.

(These shots all look like Jacob is being tortured a little bit but I promise that it is all love and he actually doesnt seem to mind it all too much.)

We love you so much lil man. You are just more precious than I could ever put into words!! 
Happy Half Birthday!  


Sarah and Eric said...

My goodness, I can't believe he's already 6 months! He's precious, those blue eyes are so sweet!

Spicy Magnolia said...

He is so, so cute, Cassie! I really can't believe he's six months old already. How can that be? I love how excited you are about his eating. And you get some great shots of the kids loving on him. Hoping to see you soon!!

Kristen said...

He is adorable!! These six months have flown by!