Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tricks and Treats

Alex the Monkey, Hendrick the Dino, Emma the Butterfly, Annie the Kitty Cat, and Mya the Bunny

Yesterday was our Halloween Playdate Party. The kiddos dressed up and we brought yummy treats. It was fun, except the trick my lil monkey played on nap all morning! So the party was not as fun as it could have been for Alex. But he loves being there so much, he really was a trooper! Too bad when it came for picture time he was not in the best mood and I had just taken his ears off.
*So yes, America voted and the Team Isaacson Halloween poll helped put Alex in a monkey costume. I told Travis not to post those precious baby models bc it is only getting your hopes up. We did not purchase a 60$ costume- are you kidding me?! But ours does the job, right? The banana even squeaks!! I just wanted something lightweight seeing as it can be hot here no matter what season it is! :) Thank you to all of you out there who rocked the vote! Ha!
(BTW, I hate this picture. Come on Mom, pink background! What are ya doing?! I will get better ones later!)

I just got this one from Brandy. TOO FUNNY!!
My dirt pudding "graveyard" treat...I am so proud. I never get crafty like this. (Too bad the pumpkins look gi-normous!)
This has been my go-to dessert this month, as I took it to bible study too!


Solomon Clan said...

We loved having Alex over. What a cutie with a great smile! Oh and that "graveyard" treat was yummy.

rebekah l. louis said...

super cute!

Sarah and Eric said...

Alex looks precious! Your dessert looks quite tasty as well!

shalonda said...

oh my word that monkey costume is too cute on him!

Rob and Leah said...

He is a precious monkey! Glad to see the dirt made an appearance somewhere else, too!

Jenny said...

Oh these are so cute! I do love that picture that your friend took, that's a framer! : ) And that recipie does look yummy, you should post the recipie! Have fun in San Antonio and see you on Tuesday!