Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Weekend In The Woodlands

Well, we survived the car ride to The Woodlands and back. I didn't know if we would make it alive since, well, you know how Alex feels about the car. Not really his favorite thing to do. So a three hour car ride was taunting me. BUT we made it and it wasn't too bad... only one lil battle scar and he did it to himself. : ( He scratched his face in one of his full out fits, poor guy. Since he can't seem to sleep in the car but for about 30 minutes (seriously.), I sat in the back with him and did every funny face I could think of, I sang a million verses of "Wheels On The Bus" (his favorite these days), and fed him bottles even though I knew he wasn't starving- thank goodness for the car adaptor for the pump, what a great invention! Needless to say, I was exhausted by the end...and did it all over again on the way home! :)

Dont get me wrong, the trip was worth it. The weekend was a great time!! We stayed busy busy and had so much fun!

Saturday morning we went into Houston to do the Walk For Autism with Travis' cousin Holly. It was great but Alex didn't really think that being in his stroller was a good idea so he hitched a ride with Dad. Figures. (Don't ask how I am gonna get through my 5k in a couple of weeks! eek!) We were so glad that we could be there to support a wonderful cause and our wonderful family! We love you Zachary!!
The whole group- Zachary's Angels

Alex liked Zachary's Hair :)
I think Alex sucked his thumb the entire walk!
Dad was excited to see the Troopers and get Alex in on the Star Wars action!

We went to dinner at Lupe Tortillas! Mmmm! Alex is eyeing Leah's margarita

Alex took a bath and got his foot WAY in his mouth...super fun! haha

GrandDot came over on Sunday morning to meet her Great-Grandbaby for the first time!

Alex loved being at Grandpa Steve and Honey's house!

Not so sure about Dexter yet, but intrigued :)


Kristen said...

What a wonderful weekend!

Sarah and Eric said...

Travis with the baby on the front is too cute! Go dad! What 5k are you doing? You look great! I would love to meet the little guy sometime soon. It's conferences week, I am sure you miss school! :)