Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New skills for the resume!

I feel like Alex has just blossomed over the last week! It's all happened so fast! He has some new talents to add to the resume! :)
  • We are blowing spit bubbles! I know, this is Harvard material right?! But it is a big deal to us. He looks like such a little boy, entertaining himself, making funny noises. It is quite cute! Just try not to smile!! This morning I awoke to a beautiful medley of noises over the monitor. That is a wake up call I could get used to! :)
  • He can roll over from his back to tummy!! Last week he did it Houdini style when I wasn't looking and I freaked out! Turns out he was using his dangling toys on the play mat to help him pull over. So we started "practicing" a little. Then this weekend he started doing it without any help, and now he is a pro! I can't keep him on his belly! We were at the bookstore yesterday and he was very wiggly and getting heavy so I decided to lay him down in the isle for a minute (on a burp cloth and since no one was around). As I am looking for books, I notice he flipped over no problem! I turned him over again, and he flipped over within a second! Lil booger just loves it! He is ITCHING to crawl and making big headway everyday.

  • He is really reaching for things! He wants whatever we have in our hands and he is getting better at making contact! :) We are gonna have to adjust to this new skill. He is also going after his toys more. This is another reason I think he wants to crawl so badly. He also puts everything in mouth. Travis and I had to laugh at him trying to pull the cloth block tower thingy (very scientific name people!) on his exersaucer toward his open mouth and not even being close- but the mouth was open and ready! Bless his heart! I had to help him out it was so sweet! I think he might be teething ?? We will see!
  • He can also touch his toes! Its too too cute! I am excited because oddly enough, between holding his feet and blowing bubbles, he is quite easily entertained! :) This is truly a wonderful age where Alexander has been oh so happy to just about do anything!

I told Alex to stop growing up so fast!! but I don't think he will listen.


Heidi said...

Hes getting so big Cassie. Sounds like you guys are having lots of fun. I just love seeing new pictures and updates on how hes doing. Hope you can come visit soon. My lunch is from 11:40-12:10 (hint hint) same time as 2nd grade. Couldn't work out better for me. Cant wait to see you and Alex again. Heidi

Carla said...

LOVE the video! You should do one every day :) I know what you mean about growing too fast. Isabella didn't listen either :(