Monday, February 9, 2009

This momma be lovin me some...

(Afterthought: I don't know why I am talking this way. I apologize. I will blame it on... the rain. oh yeah, sing it!)

New blog. No clue who she is or where she is. She is an amazing writer and she seems to write to me, personally- I know it. Its like the little boy in The Never Ending Story when he knows they are talking to him in the book. Check her out... my fav post so far is "I'm a play group dropout." Crack this momma up! Antique Mommy

Greasy burgers and homemade fries. Am I pregnant? (No Travis I am not.) Went to Mighty Fine Burgers this weekend and I am in love. I suggest it to all. But even better, don't let your little one spill your tea all over you. :)

Shark. I hate housework. with a passion. but this thing is pretty cool. got it for my b-day and I was so excited (you know you are old when...)! Seems to work and do the job! We will see how long it lasts. I give it 3 jalapenos. :)

Etsy. I can't seem to stop searching this site. What is wrong with me. I may need pro help. Loving these baby shoes that our playgroup friend, Annie, wears. Don't think that Alex will want flower shoes though. :( What could I make and sell? Note to self- find some creative talent during naptime.

Fray. Listening to the new CD right now. goodness. makes me want to run.

Bachelor. Who will Jason pick?? Why do I get sucked in to this trash? It's like a drug. I like Jillian and Molly. But I am thinking he won't listen to me. They never do.

Boys. Can't post without giving you some of my precious boys.


hodgesgal said...

oh my heavens... this picture is BEAUTIFUL!!!! You do have it framed somewhere in your house right? Please tell me you do!

Love your blog!

Kristen said...

I might have to get a looks awesome!! I love the picture of Travis and Alex.

Krista Box said...

Hey Cassie!
It was great to hear from you! It has been forever! I often wondered how you and Travis were doing and was so happy to hear that you are in my friends small group. It truly is a small world! Alexander is so precious! I would love to see you sometime. Let me know if you have a day that is free. Take care long lost friend!

p.s. LOVE your blog!