Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Soy Joy

No, I am not selling the nutrition bars. Yesterday was our allergy doctor visit. Our pediatrician said that we pretty much had to go. Okay, okay.
So, it wasn't that bad. We only tested him for milk and soy. Surprise, he is allergic to milk. But JOY, we are NOT allergic to soy!! What a blessing!! So we can have soy cheese, soy milk, soy yogurt (well, someday)! And there are some snack foods and such that are made with soy instead of milk which just gives us some options! I can also try soy formula if I want, which is nice to know. Or if something happened to me, like, oh, I don't know... I got stuck on a deserted island (lets make it Hawaii, oh yeah) Alex wont starve to death and Travis can take care of him. Watch out Travis, I might be booking my flight! :)
I am still bummed about the milk but I am trying to stay positive about what we can have! The only thing that really "got me" was his first birthday cake- it will have to be milk free. We are going to find the best vegan cake recipe ever I guess! And its funny because most of the moms in my playgroup are vegan so I have a great support!
The actual doctor visit was quite exhausting. We were there for an hour and a half!! And most of that in the little cold stark exam room. There were so many little steps (the doc and nurse were in and out a million times) and the actual allergy test has to react for 15 minutes! In baby time that was forever! Alex is just such a busy body these days it was a little much to be cooped up in the room for such a long time! Well, maybe it was more of an issue for me- Alex had a big time circling the step stool and pushing it. He was so cute in his diaper and socks- yes, lesson learned wear a two piece outfit next time so the kid can have some pants on! :) He didn't seem to mind the scratches on his back too much- but I thought it was sad.
When the doctor had to consult with me about the results it was really hard for me to focus, due to the wiggle worm and fussy mess in my lap. Thank goodness we brought puffs. :) Next time I might need someone to help me corral and entertain the lil monkey. Another example- I could barely get his clothes back on to go home! That would have been lovely.
All the nurses and secretaries loved Alex! They oohhed and ahhhed over him. He was especially cute when he smiled for the camera when they took his picture for his file.
We will be going back when he is a little older to test for peanuts and eggs.


Kristen said...

Yeah soy!!!!! Don't worry Alex, your vegan cake/cupcakes are going to be awesome. Kenzie and I will be happy to taste-test for you :)

Carla said...

Way to stay positive Cassie :) Can't wait to see you Saturday!

Mya Sage said...

Wow, I just can't get over how much Mya and Alex are alike. lol Your story sounds like all of my experiences at the doctor's office. I will let you know as soon as we get our Vegan Cupcake recipe book!! :)

Christy said...

I totally understand what you went through Cassie! Kate has a stinky peanut allergy - we randomnly discovered it through allergy testing. I thought it would be difficult at first to keep her away from all peanut products because seems everything has peanut oils or "may contain nuts" in it but it has actually been easier than I thought. Hang in there! Central market and whole foods will become your best friend. Lots of dairy free options there!

Jenny said...

Cassie that is great that he is not allergic to soy! And I am so glad that you have so much support with your mom's group! I can see how Alex would be one of the office's favorite patients with that adorableness! : )

Shelby said...

have you tried rice milk? i prefer it to soy because the flavor is a little sweeter. if he doesn't like soy, try rice dream!

The Hendry Family said...

Oh cassie, I'm so happy that it went well. I know the allergy doc visits can be exhausting. I'm glad Alex did Ok with the pricks on the back. Brayden had to have all 25 (give or take a few) when he was 2 1/2 and it was absolutely traumatizing. Seeing his precious face looking up at me screaming bloody murder sent me into an uncontrollable sob. They almost kicked me out of the room b/c I just couldn't handle it but I didn't want to leave him. Although I know it still stinks, the fact that they're just doing a few pricks at a time is a lifesaver for you and Alex.