Sunday, February 22, 2009

This kid cracks me up.

Here he is trying to watch TV through the playyard. Pretty good effort I must say.

Here he is after he fell in the toy box all by himself. He did not like this at all and wanted out immediately. Hold on kid, mom has to get a picture!

Here is what my little busy beaver has been up to when quiet in the crib. Little stinker. I should have known. There goes the beautiful and new crib.
Parents strike back...We put on a "gummi rail" last night. I am sure he will just move to other parts of the crib but we are trying to think positively.
I have to say that this reminds us a little of our old pal Rudy, our former bulldog, who ate the wall. You just have to laugh.
Being silly! "Talking" REAL big!

We have tooth number 6 now! Busted through the other night!
He has also been eating a ton! He is eating three meals a day and finished a whole container in one sitting this morning!
He has also been "talking" a ton! Its mostly "da dadada da" but he is really trying to tell us something!


Krista Box said...

He is too cute! I can't believe he chewed on the crib! Things you just don't think about. =) By the way... what happened to Rudy? I can't believe he ate through a wall! Let's get together sometime!

Carla said...

They also make cloth rail protectors. We have one of those and it works really well. That little boy of yours looks like he is already quite a handful :)

Sarah and Eric said...

What a precious picture!

hodgesgal said...

Cassie, that is so cute of him eating his way through the gate. LOL

Hollister did the same thing to his crib, but I didn't notice it soon enough.. it will be his "foot board" one day, teeth marks and all... he'll have his memories!

Love the pics! he is getting sooo big!