Sunday, June 7, 2009

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. DeWitt

Travis's sister got married a couple of weekends ago! The wedding was so fun and just beautiful! The bride was gorgeous ;) too! We are so happy for the Newlyweds and wish them nothing but happiness! Congratulations Leah and Scott!

Alex was a trooper and went to everything with us (late nights and all)! It was quite the exhausting trip! But so worth it- it was so good to see so much family! and so many that had never met Alex! We were so glad that we could all be a part of it. And Alex was just too cute in his suit, if I say so myself! :) Thanks to my Mom for helping us try to corral the lil buckaroo at all the events! Not an easy task these days!

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Kristen said...

alex is quite the stud in his little suit!