Monday, June 8, 2009

A New Friend and An Old Friend

My former college roomie (and actually one of Travis's too, ha) and a best friend of mine, Ann Marie, came to visit last week! She came with her precious lil boy, Andrew (7 mo), and wonderful hubby, Nick. It was a special treat to see them since they have been living in Hawaii! They are in transition, moving to Florida, so they made the tour of Texas to visit family. Lucky us that they came to Austin!! :) I miss this girl so much and it was great to catch up! Andrew is the sweetest and Alex really liked him! Drool and all!! We really wish they lived closer so we could hang out all the time! :(

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Brandy said...

Florida isn't so far away. I bet you see each other a lot more! He is cute and so is Alex :)