Monday, June 29, 2009

The New Girls In Town

There are two lil ladies that are now in our lives and we are so glad that we have gotten to meet them.
First is Miss Rebekah...I have been a bad blogger and never posted these from a long time ago! (maybe cause Alex wouldn't really pose with the baby so the pics are not that great!) Well, Alex loves her and just wants to touch her! Mainly poke her eyes, but its cool. (I cant really blame him for wanting to touch her...I love holding her myself! and have a hard time letting go!) We had a few great hangouts with this little lady and we are soooo sad that they are now in Houston. We miss you!!
Next is Miss Ava... We finally got to meet this little thang on her way through town to the river! We are soo thankful to be a rest stop! :) Alex was intrigued but I am not surprised since she is beautiful and just as precious as can be! I mean, look at those big eyes and pouty lips! Sadly though, he might have been a little more intrigued in Macy, their dog, in the backyard. Oh well, no hurry...someday he will be more interested in girls and I won't want him to be!

We can't wait to be with our best new girls again soon! They are both sweeter than sweet! and they are such good babies they make it look easy!


Brandy said...

aww he is so sweet :)

Jenny said...

oh cassie, i am so glad y'all got to finally meet that beautiful girl!!!! we miss y'all SOOO much, bekah can't stop thinking about her "first kiss" from mr. alex! teehee!

Kristen said...

Such cute babies...I forget how small they are!