Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Happy Fish

Well, to update...
in the poop dept. we are back to normal! woo-hoo! :) now if I can only get his sleep habits back to normal...or really I'd like better than his normal!

We started swim lessons yesterday. Alex is doing so well. Even though he is the youngest, I think he is the star of his class! :) Well, he didn't cry and doesn't mind getting in the water! He loves to kick too! Something he does on his own. I knew that this would come in handy sometime! :) Today he got dunked underwater and he did great! Just a little taken back, but probably ready for more! Go figure! The only down side to the class is that the water is freezing and Mom doesn't want to get it! and poor Alex had blue lips by the end! (As Jenny and I discussed, this is why I never did swim team!) There are only 4 little boys in the class (including Alex) so it is nice and small. And we are pumped about being with boys for a change! (No offense girls! We love ya, we do!) We will see how the rest goes and I will have to post some pics or video of my little fishy soon! Oh, and I am foreseeing great naps for these 2 weeks due to one tuckered out little fish! Double woo-hoo! :)


Brandy said...

yay swim lessons! and happy tummies!

Kristen said...

How fun! I'm scared to put Kenzie's head in...hopefully swim lessons will help. Post pictures soon :)