Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Welcome to Austin

This weekend we decided to do an "Austin day" since we never have been downtown with Alex to do all the fun stuff Austin has to offer! Well, we got a late start so it turned into pretty much a photo shoot (which was a big part of the plan) and lunch.
The day started at the mural...we have always been interested. Too bad we were surprised to find out it is on a random deserted street and there was no one to take our picture as a fam. Oh well.

Then we went up to Congress for a few capital and city shots. I really didn't have a plan so we were just winging it! :)

Then we headed to Zilker park! We have been wanting to ride the train with Alex for a while! Too bad by this time it was super hot! I'm talking sweat city. nice. But it was fun! and Alex did pretty well.
We had an abrupt end to the fun when mommy realized that she didn't change Alex's diaper and had been shoving water down his throat all morning....bad combo = time to go!
So we headed to lunch at Guerros- some of the best Mexican food around! hands down! Probably the best part of the day in my book. I can still taste the chips and queso.
It was a fun family day and we are excited to head back when it gets a little cooler and do even more!

We also want to say Welcome to Austin to Alex's grandparents...both sets are moving here in the next few months!! Woo hoo!! It will be great to have more family in town!! So exciting!!


Kristen said...

love the austin post card photo shoot! so sad that i've lived here my whole life and i don't even know where it is. congrats on both sets of grandparents moving here!! date night city!

Kristen said...

What a great idea! We don't often take the time to explore the city we live in. I LOVE Guerros too!

Mya Sage said...

It is funny how the postcard mural is in such a weird part of town, right? ;) I'm actually taking a family to that very spot this weekend. Austin is such a cool place to live. I understand why the grandparents are moving here!

Rob and Leah said...

Those are cute pictures. Sounds like a fun day!

Brandy said...

I always wanted to go find that post card! Looks like you guys had a great time!

elaine said...

That "random deserted street" is the street I live on! You were only a block from my apartment!