Friday, August 7, 2009

sprinkler park

We tried going to the sprinkler park again (we have been several times before) because we needed to get out of the house...unfortunately it was so hot that it wasn't really that fun. Yes, it can even be too hot for the sprinkler park. We were some of the only crazies there.

Alex kinda likes it. He chased this ball for a long time. It was a good way to make him get wet.

But ends up doing this.

And really his favorite part of anything we do is snack. He plays for like 2.5 minutes and then cries for it.

Then he wanted to walk around the park park...nothing to do with the water! jeez. Don't you know its like the Sahara over here kid?!


Kristen said...

annie only really gets excited about the snacks on our outings now too. why do i even bother trying to go someplace fun?

Brandy said...

you should have called us, we'd have gone. or you could have come swimming w/us :)
Henrik likes the snacks, but he likes the fun stuff too :)Alex is soo cute with his big brown eyes!

Mya Sage said...

We were there today too. :) Mya is the same way, not into the water AT ALL, just does the eat sign over and over and wants to go to the slide. lol

Carla said...

LOVE the picture of Alex grabbing onto your shirt. Can't tell you how many of those we have :) It's a classic.

Solomon Clan said...

It looks like you had to whole place to yourself!!

Rob and Leah said...

Evan and Alex are alike when it comes to snacks! I can't believe you were the only ones at the sprinkler park!