Friday, August 14, 2009

Our Week

Started out super fun by having the gang to our park and pool. Alex is pretty much done with the pool scene though. Again, all he wanted to do was eat snack. Grunting like a cave man at the bag where he knows I have some cereal for him. The he sits in the chair and least he is still and sitting. I will take it! :) Don't the girls look precious in their matching suits!? We love our friends!

Wednesday we had lunch with Auntie Jo at Schlotzkys. Always fun...sorry no pics. But Alex did make friends with the men sitting next to us. He always makes friends. With everyone. Big cheesy grins and giggles and waving seems to do the trick. Even business men melt. What can I say?!

Thursday we went to a Joe McDermott concert at a local church. I thought it would be fun and Alex would like the music. Well, Joe is a NO GO from us! :( We had to wait a long time for it to begin which is never good (not really his fault I guess) and the music was over Alex's head. Too much talking. And when he played the guitar really loud and hard it made Alex upset (what a weenie, I know). I kept thinking, if only he would play twinkle twinkle, ha! But we got out and saw our friends again so it was a fun day!
I never get pics of us together when out...but this day we had plenty of time to kill!
take 1... this is a classic look these days

take 2...theres my sweetie

trying to keep the troops in line...Henrick is texting (probably something like "get me outta here!"), Alex is stealing Kenzies food (I am telling yall!! seriously loves his cereal!), and Kenzie has stolen a wallet (lets hope its her moms).


rebekah l. louis said...

sweet pic of you two!

Kristen said...

What a fun week! It is not often we get to see you guys twice in one week...we need to it more often :)

hodgesgal said...

what a great smile he has!!! texting? already... LOL

Brandy said...

We had fun with you guys this week! I have to send you a picture I snapped of him. too funny :)

Kristen said...

dang... looks like we missed out on some fun last week. hopefully we'll get to play some this week! alex is looking so much like a little boy, not so baby anymore.

The Hendry Family said...

way too cute!!