Saturday, January 9, 2010

a few blogs for your pleasure

So here I am waisting my nap time again. Nothing too exciting in the inbox or on the blogroll so I mosey on over to a semi-popular blog, Bakerella. Umm...I had to share what I saw, as it was amazing. :) This lady could charge to have a tour of her home. Unbelievable! and I happen to love candy so it really had my mouth watering and head spinning. Although, I don't think Travis would ever allow such silliness. Enjoy!

And here is a friend of a friend (don't you love those) who posts her dinner plans and recipes for every week. How awesome is that! I am lucky if I even make dinner, let alone post it on a blog! I am going to try her Mongolian beef recipe- sounds good and easy- two important qualities for me. Enjoy!


Holly said...

Should I tell you that I make a menu each week at our home. No, I don't have it posted online w/ ingredients, but maybe that is a sure sign I am too busy. ;-) Thanks for the website. I will check it out since I do try to make a new recipe each week.

Off to Lupe's for my boy's birthday - ahhh, he's nine!

Jenny said...

i made her mongolian beef recipie cassie and it's great! it's one of our new favorites! but don't put a whole tbls of red pepper, just a half, it's too spicey otherwise! mary pat will be so excited that you put her on your blog, thanks!

Anonymous said...
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