Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas (Part 2) with the Skeeters

It is a first for us that we get to celebrate with both families so close to the real holiday! It was so fun!

This was actually the first time Alex met Kalyn. I was so happy that it went well. He was very interested, so sweet, and did great! He really didn't want her to go at the end of the night.

He liked the tree and presents on her outfit. (Don't you like that hat?! Its the only one that fits that lil head- whoop for that!) And he liked to "tickle" her.

I was so relieved that he let me hold her and just wanted to sit next to me to see. Yea for big brother to be!

Alex really got the hang of the whole present opening thing
Papa Wes and Nani got Alex a table just for him. He loves it! and sits at it all the time!

Playing blocks with Uncle Chad... or is it Uncle Chad letting Alex play blocks with him ???

so happy we get to share motherhood together

what a wonderful christmas...again we are so thankful to be so blessed.


hodgesgal said...


Kristen said...

What cute pictures! Seeing you with Kalyn and Alex sitting right beside you gave me a glimpse of what your new family will be like! :) I'm so glad you had all the family so close and your holidays were good. I will be calling you soon to catch up.

Brandy said...

what a wonderful time you had together!

Kristen said...

I hope Kenzie is as good as Alex with her little brother!! It is so fun that you and your sister are both going to have babies around the same time and that you live so close...I miss my sister!

mskeeters said...

What fun all round! So fun to see it!