Sunday, January 10, 2010

a little bit of Alex

Some things I love about now and don't want to forget...

~ how he holds his blanket, has to be the edge and only one layer, between his thumb and forefinger to fall asleep. and he tends to start poking at his eyes (gently of course)

~how he calls for me when he can't find me in the house. "Baba?!" We have decided that this is his name for me and he just can't say the m's.

~how he likes to say "one more" by holding up one finger and we do it back to him and then he likes to touch the fingers together and giggle.

~how he "blows" on things that are said to be hot. he scrunches his nose up and blows out his nose.

~how he says "shhhhh" when people are sleeping or it gets dark in a room or he sees a baby

~how I have been finding him lying on his back randomly chilling in a room

~how he likes for me to "narrate his plate". he points at each food over and over again wanting me to say the names of the food. yes, this gets old real fast. but i love it at the same time.

~how he says "ahhhh" after he drinks cold water. he also likes to point at my water and at his water and drink at the same time.

~how much he loves his dada and wants to be just like him. he LOVES to watch "fubaww!!" with dada!

~how serious he is in the car. i love looking at him in the rear view. something about being in the car seat makes him so little and sweet.

~how he loves to "honk" noses and did it to the music teacher the other day (watch out! haha)

~how he "talks" to himself as he plays. normally it contains some "dabba dabba dabba" very similar to flinstones talk.

~his full out "buh-bye!" that he saids loud and proud now ALL the time. even when he just is leaving the room

~his "excited face"- big eyes, high eyebrows, with a little gasp and smile that will melt any heart

~how he smiles and laughs when he toots. boys?! one of his favorite things to do is make the sound that daddy taught him- the sound of a toot in the bath tub. (ba-boww- thats the best I can do for ya) He cracks up so hard! and just keeps doing it over and over! I have to admit it makes me laugh too.


Brandy said...

awww. such a sweet mommy to write this all down. I feel like an uber slacker :)

Kristen said...

That is so sweet...I need to do the same. Time passes so quickly that we forget these little things!

Holly said...

Good to write them down. They change so quick, before you know you will be "ahhhh"ing about other things. Thanks for sharing!