Thursday, March 4, 2010

A beautiful day

calls for a picnic dontcha think?!

and yesterday was so pretty we had to be outside too!

Ohhh I love the sunshine!!


Kristen said...

It has been so beautiful....even we got outside for a little bit! Where did you get that sectioned eating tray??

Brandy said...

so cute!
Kristen that looks like the trays they have at target :)

Paige Reynolds said...

Ray had lunch outside today too! Cute pictures, love the overalls!

Jenny said...

i love that picture of the 2 of y'all! what a big boy he is in those overalls! we were outside all day on wednesday too! glad he is feeling better!

Solomon Clan said...

The beautiful weather has been wonderful! We have been enjoying it too. Hopefully it will continue next week.