Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's Rodeo Time!

On St. Patrick's Day we headed out to the Austin Rodeo! If you wore a green shirt you got in for free- great deal!
My mom, sister, and her lil cowgirl Kalyn, came with us to help me out and keep us in good company. It is getting harder and harder for me to wrangle Alex up on a big outing like that so I was so excited they could come! We had so much fun, there was so much to see, and we didn't want to leave- the day was so perfectly beautiful!

Alex loved seeing the animals but was NOT a fan of the petting zoo. To be honest, I can't blame him. Those goats and deer are way aggressive to try to get the food. Not sure it called for the big ole tears running down Alex's cheeks, but that's okay.

Alex really loved all the announcers that talked on microphones- doesn't matter what they are saying or who they are. He just loves people talking in microphones and likes to imitate the sound in his own way. Cracks me up the things that entertain.

Here we are at the pig was too funny. Alex was a little confused I guess. He really seemed to like it once they started though. Kalyn liked it too! :)

He liked the horses. We didn't see anything too exciting (the girls were just warming up walking around) but he didn't need much. I mean, he liked just hearing the cows "moo" too.

He really liked the tractors. Big surprise. I knew he would. And I knew he would throw a fit when I pulled him off to go too.


Kristen said...

love that last picture! we went tonight and really enjoyed it.

Shelby said...

BUMMER! Wish I could have gone.. what a perfect day for it!

Solomon Clan said...

Glad you had great time! Alex, I think you should ask for a tractor for your b-day!!

The Stacer Family said...

Wish I'd known you could get in free with green! We are planning to go next week. Hope Evan likes it as much as Alex.

Jenny said...

Glad you had such a great day with your family! Alex is too cute with those overalls on! And you are looking wonderful as always!

Kristen said...

That looks like so much fun...I am so sad we are missing it! The picture of Alex on the tractor is priceless!