Saturday, March 27, 2010

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

We had our Easter egg hunt playdate on Friday and it was so fun! Thanks to Miss Kristen and Emma for hosting the festivities again! The whole gang was there (except for Mya who couldn't make it) and even our new friend Madison joined us. The kids are all just adorable and loved the hunt this year! We are just getting warmed up for a few more hunts coming up!

Enjoying a treat before the big hunt! Can you say we LOVE Rice Krispie treats?!

The group...don't their faces just crack you up?! Seriously
And they're off...

The keys to success are
1) stay low
2) forget the basket, it slows you down
3) be sure to survey for dropped eggs at the end

I love my lil bunny (and bunny-to-come)

Alex is such a ladies man. He was flirting with all the mommas...too funny! He loves Kristen A!!


Kristen said...

OH...and I love him! I love the picture with you, Alex, and tummy baby.

Solomon Clan said...

Thanks for coming to our hunt! We love hosting it.

The Hendry Family said...

Those 3 keys to success sound so familiar...didn't your dad used to say that too???

Jenny said...

Alex is so stinkin cute Cassie! You get the best pictures of him! Not such a hard thing to do since, as I said, he is soooo stinkin cute!